Monday, December 30, 2013

All right now that all that Christmas stuff is behind us let get back to business as usual.

I have been living in electronics hell for four days.  No internet, debit out for a while, router crapped out,  order system acting up and my computer is still acting like a spoiled child.  So therefore there were no updates over the last few days.

I have now also finished the road running to visit children and grandchildren.  Oshawa one day and Gananoque the next with a number of stops in between.  My goodness it's easier going to work even with temperamental electronics.

But I digress.  As for grooming on our way home last night I could see that the trail down to Bancroft had been done as well as the one over to Martins Mill.  At least the groomer had crossed the highway that way.  I haven't talked to anyone for specific info so I just know what I saw. 

We had the regular whiners in on Saturday complaining that the trails had not been groomed.  Really people.  Add 5,000 sleds to a warm day and what do you get.  Crappy Trails to you until we meet again. (Hum that tune, you know that you know it.)  It's not rocket science.  Get over it.   Just enjoy your day out.

The temperature has dropped to stinking cold so we are back in shape again.  There was not enough misty rain or mild temps to do any damage. It is a beautiful sunny day today so you get tricked into thinking that it is nice out.  And it is nice out if you are into -20.

Our first sledders of the day have just showed up.  They rode up from Bonior Lake and they said that it was groomed all the way there.

Don't forget the gas station in LSP is open 7 days a week until 9 most days.  It even has gas all the time.

I will continue my survey with any other customers and report back maybe not today but fairly soon.

Happy New Year to all.  Have fun even if you can't come up north.

Hope to see you soon.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It"s been a long time since the snow out front has been piled up past the bottom of the window. But this year we are there. I had to shovel out the back and front doors this morning just to get into the place.

I got that six o'clock call from the cook saying that she couldn't come in today because of bad weather.   This is payday so it must have been really bad or she would have been here. I helped out at the Arlington last night and didn't get home until after midnight so I was a little groggy this morning. Good thing I wasn't enjoying frosty beverages last night or it wouldn't be a pretty sight this morning.

I could see that the groomer had gone over the Papineau way last night. I don't know any more than that about the grooming. I know a lot if other stuff but most of it is useless information or idle gossip.

Well I'd better get stared as not only is the cook off but so is the server so I'm the best anyone will be getting this morning. I can't imagine being run off my feet but you never know.

Kudos to my trusty snow  plough guy. He has been here every snowy morning by 6:30 to have the lot cleared and is doing a great job.  Thanks Darren.

Have a very Merry Christmas and safe travels over the next few days. Here's hoping that some of those miles are on a sled

Back in a few days

Friday, December 20, 2013

The snow continues to fall, the groomers continue to groom and the sledders continue to whine!!!  Will it ever stop?

Yes there are stones on the trail.  You do realize that you are out in the bush don't you?  If you don't like the stones showing through the snow stop and move them or wait until the end of January to go sledding.  Better still come up in the summer when the days are warmer and MOVE THEM ALL. It should keep you busy most of the summer. Sheesh people lighten up.

I have had the lot ploughed three days this week so that has added a substantial amount of snow to what we already had.

We have had sledders in everyday this week and I am hoping for a busy weekend. 

That's it for today and not because it's busy.  It is kind of spooky quiet.  But I have had my rant and have nothing more to say.

Back next week.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

By this time next week it will almost be over.  Sigh!!!!!! Then on to some serious sledding.

The groomers have been out getting everything into shape.  It has been so cold and the trails so quiet that this week they are grooming during the day.

I've had two sledders in for breakfast the last two days.  They went to Harcourt yesterday and had a great ride.  Today they are heading over Papineau way.  They are very pleased with the trails so far.

I'm told that one jerk has been driving his truck on the trails even the groomed ones.  Some people are just stupid, ignorant boars.  Don't get me started.  If you pass this guy on the trail let the air out of his tires so he has to walk miles home and freeze his ass off!!!

No more news yet.  I hope that some of you can get an early ride in before the big day.

As always I'm closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and opening up at 10 am on Boxing Day.

I will be back later in the week.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's still bloody cold and yet it still snows. I can't figure that out.

I had six sledders in yesterday. They had ridden over from Harcourt. Said that the Harcourt end was a bit bumpy but our end was good. The trail to Bancroft is open and groomed as is Whitney to Barry's  Bay.

More snow is expected later today.  A far amount I'm told

The new owners of the general store are keeping late hours, lots of gas and supplies. They will be selling Shell gas. Not a Shell station just Shell gas with diesel  to follow later.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's bloody cold. I had icicles on my eyebrows when I got home from my walk this morning.  -minus 27 does not feel as nice as +27.
The good news is the groomers were out today.  The better news is the sleds were out also.

Haven't had anyone in yet to check on the conditions. Did I mention that it is bloody freezing and snowing again.

To anonymous who wants the web cam and measure stick. If I promised that last year I was either humouring you or drunk or possibly both.

If you want a web cam then buy one, mount it and maintain it.  I am so sick of electronics screwing that I am about to resort to a crayon, paper and a rotary dial phone!!!  As for the measuring stick no problem.  No problem taking the pictures but if I hold the phone up to the computer screen will you see the pics because I'm no hell at trying to load them either. You may just have to take me at my word forever.  Have I let you down yet. I THINK NOT.

That's it for now. Frankly I think that I have outdone myself this week.

Hope you can get an early season ride in soon.

Back sooner than later :)
Cheers Nancy

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The groomers went out today.  Don't know where they went or if it was just a test drive but grooming has commenced. Yea again!!!!!

We've had our first slender in. Yea

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like snowmobile season. We got our second big dump last night. I am having the driveway ploughed now. Even with our one day melt down we didn't loose our snow.

There were couple of riders out not last weekend  but the weekend before.  There were even a couple of crazies on Mink Lake and Lake St Peter. Now that is just too soon.  The lake had only been frozen over for about 10 minutes!!!  Those guys should all wear orange hunting jackets so that they will be easier to see in the spring time when they surface because no one should have to go look for them at this time of the year.

We are expecting snow each day for the rest of the year. So I will be back later in the week with an update. Our one mild day did help the lake. It melted everything and then froze up again right away before more snow came so earlier you could have skated on it.   It is nice and smooth no ruts, now the fresh snow shouldn't turn to slush.

Well I walk every day at 7:30. I'm such a sport. I just love it. (As if).  So I had better end and get in gear and get my woollies on.  It's more of a challenge walking when it's snowed and no one has been out on the road yet. But if I want to keep this svelte girlish figure of mine I had better move it. Ok stop laughing and get to work.

Back later.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Holy crap.  It's December already. 

Winter may not have officially arrived on the calendar but it has officially arrived at the diner.  The cook Stu has finally changed from shorts to long pants and I had to give up my sandals and put on shoes.  It was either that or try to find little snow plows for them and I didn't have any luck with the plows. 

But even more exciting is that we even got out first call about snow conditions today. 

The snow that came last week is still here the trails are well covered but not enough to do any riding.  If you had some acreage and  wanted to ride around a little that would be okay but there isn't enough to venture out. Things have been pretty quiet around the old diner these days.  With the cottagers gone and the locals all out of town shopping and stuff there isn't much action.

Trail permits are available at the diner and the general store. 

The general store has new owners now.  Really nice people with great ideas.  There will be lots of changes including longer hours and GAS all the time. Just imagine. They may even be putting in pumps that you can access 24 hours a day if need be.

The annual Santa Claus parade takes place on December 14 at 5:00 pm  preceded by a farmers market in the gym and other events at the old community centre.  If you are planning a weekend up north before Christmas you might consider that one.  It is always a great time.

I'm not sure what the weather is going to be like for the rest of the week.  I am getting conflicting reports from the old boys coffee club so we will just have to wait and see what mother nature brings for the rest of the week.

I will be back more often now as the winter gets closer.  The big guy just got a plow for his ATV so now he has something to play with all winter.  That should keep him happy and a better path for the staff to get around.

Get those Christmas chores  done so that you can head up north for a rest.

Back soon.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's hard to believe that summer has come and gone.  Well gone for sure I'm not so sure about coming!!

I have been very remiss about blogging this summer but there just didn't seem to be much to yak about and I kind of lost my spunk.  Hopefully it will return soon.

It's not hard to tell that it is fall.  The trees seemed to have changed colour overnight.  They look beautiful.  If we don't get too much rain and wind they should hang on until Thanksgiving.  It is great walking weather and the view is awesome.

We have said goodbye to a number of summer people that had to close up early for one reason or another.  We have met a lot of new summer people as quite a few cottages changed hands this summer.

We have a huge turkey population trotting around the neighbourhood.  Some are not as good crossing the road as others so keep an eye open.

Since the passing of Sherman (the big white duck in the pond beside the diner) it's looked empty over there but not any more.  Bonna has purchased 6 or 8 more white ducks so there is more wildlife around.  Don't know how the geese feel about the new addition but I'm sure they'll get over it.

The music continues on Saturday nights until the beginning of November.  Drop in and join us if you are not busy.

We will be serving a Turkey dinner on both Saturday and Sunday night on Thanksgiving weekend.

Sadly there will not be a hunters supper in the community this year.  After many, many years of the successful fund raiser for the community centre there is no one that will run it this year.  Let's hope that this is just a blip for this year only.

Well that's all I can think of for now.   It's pretty quite around the neighbourhood this week.

Back later----much later!!!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Yes I have been scolded enough to guilt me into starting to post again.  Sheesh!!!!

Life has been a little overwhelming the last few months and I have had a severe case of writers block.  I just didn't seem to have it under the hood.  Not that there wasn't anything going on there has been lots and lots.  But that is all old news now and most of it I can't even remember.

You will notice that there have been no Black Fly reports for two reasons.  It's either raining or the black flies are too bad to sit outside.  Training with the wine continues though just in case it ever gets nice enough to sit outside.

I opened up this morning and am now sitting looking out the window thankful that I am working and not camping in anything especially a tent as the rain is pouring down again.  Thank goodness we live in a big sand box up here or we would all be wearing that fashionable footwear called rubber boots.

It is nice to see the summer people back.  It shows that life goes on not matter what. 

Our music started up on Saturday nights on the long weekend in May so if you find yourself bored on Saturday evenings come on out and join us from 6:30 - 9:30.  There is a lot of great local talent around.

If your are up this weekend don't forget the yard/bake sale at the Community Centre in Lake St. Peter.  Lots of good stuff and for a good cause. 

Well that's all that the creative juices can come up with this early in the morning.  I will be more diligent in my duties to keep you all informed about the goings on up here.  I don't know where April went and now I'm told that it is July already.  What the heck!!!

Think summery thoughts.  See you soon.

Friday, May 10, 2013

When I grow up I want to be a fridge repair guy.  My fridge at the house (only two years old) and the Pepsi fridge at the diner both broke.  So I called the repair people.  Two separate repair guys showed up and told me that my fridge was broken.  No shit buddy,  that's why I called you.  They both said that I needed a new fridge.  So see what a great job that would be.  No sweat, no problem.  Now I also learned something else this week.  The fridge that you pay a lot of money for shows up at your door a lot sooner than the one that is coming for free.  It's been three weeks now and when I finally called Pepsi they were shocked and didn't even have a record of the work order.  Again what a great job, you don't even have to be responsible.

Now on to serious matters.  If you are coming up to put in your dock before the black flies are out, ooops too late.  They hadn't been too bad up until yesterday when we had that rain in the morning after that look out.  I took the dog out for a walk about 7:30 and didn't get very far before I turned around to come home.  However he did chase a deer into the woods so when he came out we went home.  He never catches up to them and wouldn't know what to do if he did.  I think he just wants someone to play with.  So no more dark clothing for me for a few weeks.

My roof is on hold until the hydro comes through with a disconnect order.  Everything was going well until Hydro One had to get involved and then the wheels fell off.  If anyone has pull with Hydro One PLEASE let me know who to call.  They want their money up front before they do anything and when you give it to them they don't do anything.  If you ran a small business in such a sloppy manner you wouldn't have a business!!!

This Saturday is our annual paddle down the Papineau Creek.  It is sure to rain, it usually does.  But the drinks taste the same whether you are wet or dry.  I usually end up wet even if it's not raining.

Oh speaking of getting wet I have had two sets of people in this week that have been in for a swim already.  Brave souls.  These are not people that live here to know that two weeks ago there was still ice on the lake.  I'll will be a while yet.

This is a great community we live in.  If you see green garbage bags along highway 127 it is all local residents doing the annual highway clean up.  They do a great job.  Most are from Mink Lake and Boulter Lake.  So my hat's off to all who have traveled their kilometer of highway cleaning up.  So people think the next time you have an empty coffee cup etc and keep it in the car until you get where you are going.

Well that's it for now.  I'm off to town blah, blah, blah so that I can get back early.

I hope that some of you can make it up for the weekend now that spring has sprung. The trees and flowers are coming out quickly and everything looks much nicer.

Back after the weekend.

Friday, May 03, 2013

I hate to start off whining but whine I must.  The spring peepers are back.  Bless there little hearts they can not be an endangered species.

Spring peepers are nocturnal.  And they start there wonderful little peeping sound early in the evening a sure sign of spring and it continues ALL NIGHT LONG or at least until four am.  Then you get the 5:30 wake up call from the geese.  Now all geese do is eat and poop all day is there any reason why this must start at 5:30 am!!!  To add to the situation the big guy had to leave for work at 4 am with a small dose of TSN just before leaving because you never know what may have happened overnight.

I'm not much of a morning person,  I'd like a nap in the afternoon and I'm in bed by 10 pm so I really haven't found the time of day when I shine but I know it's not the morning.  I have had to open up a number of days this week before 7 as well as a day trip to Toronto thrown in to make life interesting.

Needless to say with my injured arm, peeping peepers and honking geese I may be a little crankier than normal this weekend.  Don't hide the wine!!!  At least the big guy is working away after this week so I won't have to deal with the 4 am departures all summer.

Speaking of wine I did have a little sip on the deck this week.  The black flies haven't started yet but the mosquitoes are getting quite friendly.

It is so nice to see it daylight until almost 8:30 a sure sign that spring must be here.  All the snow is gone from most places.  There is still some in the bush though.  ATV trails are all usable now.  We were out last Saturday and had a great ride.  Still lots of water.  I learned two things last week, 1-I need new rubber boots and 2-I need a firmer stopemfloppem.  My feet were soaked from leaky rubber boots and the girls were exhausted from all of the bouncing around.

I have been asked about rescheduling the ATV run.  I will probably wait until the fall.  I have a lot going on in the next few weeks.  I don't want to do it in June with the black flies and folks are too busy in summer with family things. I will post when I have a date.

You will notice the next time you are by that I am having a new roof put on the diner.  That is when Ontario Hydro shows up to do their part.  You may have noticed the leaky ceiling inside the diner, well that will be fixed along with the outside.  I am looking forward to the improvement.

Pretty quiet now for a while.   There is not much going on, but you can see the traffic increasing and lots of building has stared.  So that's it for now and probably for the weekend.

Stop by if you are in the area.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It was a very rude awakening this morning to wake up to snow again!!!!!  Rain most of all day yesterday then snow.  When will it ever end so that spring can arrive.  It's sunny and lovely now but there is still snow on the ground.  Grrrrr

The loons have been spotted on Mink Lake so maybe they know something that we don't know or maybe they are just as shocked as the rest of us.

Bancroft and the surrounding area is getting back to normal.  The waters are ebbing and there is less flooding.  The schools that were closed are back in today and all the business in town are back open again as is the main street.

All of the washouts on lake roads have been repaired at least temporarily so you can get to your cottage.  Your driveway might be another story but at least you can get there.

The geese have been squawking and frolicking in the pond next door for a couple of weeks now.  They start at about 5:30.  But things have been very quiet the last day or two.  Hmm.  There may have been some shinanagins going on.  There were only eight last week but there may be 38 in a few weeks!

Once again a reminder that I had to cancel the mud run for this weekend.  All those bikes would ruin the snowmobile trails and you can't get through the secondary trails well enough.  Sorry.

On a sad note the young burn victim, Austin Chapleau passed away last night after complications from his injuries.  Our small community is all very saddened by this and from all the posts on Face book everyone is feeling a little more grateful for all that we have today.  The family still has a long road ahead of them.

Nothing more to chat about today.  Lets hope that the nice weather stays as little green things are popping up in the garden. Don't know what they are but they are popping anyway.

Back soon

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mother nature has snapped and lost it.

We have major flooding everywhere, roads washed out and generally crappy weather.  It is still snowing off and on all day after yesterdays terrible downpour. 

Mink Lake is washed out in three places, Papineau Lake Rd is washed out on both ends.  Hwy 62 was closed all day yesterday (almost 24 hours) with a washout north of Birds Creek and Hybla Road is closed at 62 from flooding.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Thereare many, many more places.

Lake levels are higher than they have been in over 25 years.  The York River is rising 4 cms every hour today.  The parking lot at the LCBO and Legion in Bancroft is closed off because the water has risen over the break wall.

I have never seen anything like it.  Every little pond and stream is bursting over the edges.  The water at the dam in Whitney is running over top of the structure and it has taken out the bridge on the rail bed just outside of Whitney.  The little hotel in Whitney is completly flodded out.  Mckenzie Lake had the culvert flooded out at the hydro sub-station closing that road also.

So if you have waterfront property you have a much smaller front yard now. 

I guess it goes without saying that I have had to cancel the ATV mud run for next weekend.  There is still way too much snow in the bush, the water holes are far too deep and all those bikes on the snowmobile trail would really do some damage to it.  The secondary trails are not travelable.  There is too much ice and snow.  The guys went out for a little ride today just to check and were not able to get very far. 

Also with the temperatures at zero and colder it would not be fun.  I wouldn't go out in that and mark the trail and I wouldn't expect anyone else to.  It takes three people two days to mark the trail and if I was one of them I would be one whiney, unhappy camper when I got home. 

On a possitive note there are multipule fund raisers this weekend for a young man that was badly burned in a grease fire.  The Moose FM had a radioathon on Friday and raised $30,000.00 in five hours.  Pretty good for a small community with a high unemployment rate. Vance Motors raised $1,000.00 in one day cleaning cars.  A dance is being held tonight and a bingo, silent auction, bake sale Sunday.  Austin Chapleau was cooking dinner for his younger siblings when the grease started on fire.  He slipped with the flaming grease and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 50 % of his body.  He has had five surgeries so far in three weeks.  He is only 15 years old.  This really is a great place to live.

Let's hope that the weather smartens up and we finally get some spring.  I am getting tired of winter.

As ever the optimist I wonder if this cold spring will mean less black flies or will they just hang on until August because they will be getting a late start. Something to ponder over a glass of wine I think.

That's it for now.  Back next week with better news I hope.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here I go lying again. I said that I would be back on Thursday and here it is Saturday all ready. 

The restaurant hasn't been that busy but I have been and I don't know what I have accomplished yet.

The rail bed is under about a foot of water in most places but believe it or not there are still sledders out there.  There is a group meeting at the Ripples on Baptiste today for some late season fun.

The sun is beautiful and the days are great.  Some of the snow is melting away but not all.  We went out to visit a neighbour on the ATV last night and had a little trouble getting through the snow in the front yard but got stuck in the same tracks when we got home.  Oh well at least you know no one will steal the bike when it is stuck in the snow.  That's a job for later today.  My ATV is still safely tucked away in it's shed with three feet of snow piled up in front of the door, so it may be a long time before it gets out.

At great personal risk to myself I have decided to do a black fly report early this year.  I will be digging a couple of lawn chairs out of the garage and  I can be found on the back deck with a glass of wine this afternoon to see how long it takes before the black flies send me in the house.  I am inviting a friend over for moral support because you can't risk some of these challenges alone.  I will report back.

Oh by the way Hi Dave!!!

It's nice to see some of the summer people brave the snow and trek into the cottage.  That is as sure a sign of spring as the first robin.

That's it for now.

Back later.Cheers

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OK so they have officially stopped grooming but they have not stopped riding.

We had two sledders in today that had ridden up from Benoir Lake. Now they left their sleds over on the other side of the road to come in for lunch but they still came in. Trails are still good but so is the weather.  It hasn't snowed much this week and even if it does it will not improve things much.

So it may be all over but the crying.  If you are coming up for the weekend you can still putter around the neighbourhood and play.  The days are great and there is still lots of snow.  Great for keeping the drinks cold in "the big fridge".  There is nothing like a snowbank outside the back door to keep the frosty beverages cold.

Here's a shout out to Doug and Pete (the old fart).  I just wanted to let you know that Rod was in today.  I opened a brand new bottle of red wine for him and there is still lots left for you two.  Good thing I drink white or you might be out of luck again!!!

I will be back with a weather report for the weekend on Thursday.  We will be open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday with music on Saturday night from 6:30 to 9:30.

Hope you can make it in.

Going home for dinner in a bit, just finishing up with the last customers.  What kind of an idiot can burn dinner in a crock pot-Oh wait that was me.  So now for plan B for dinner.  I'm thinking Doritos and wine but hoping it's something better when I get home in a little while.

Back later

Friday, March 22, 2013

I just got home and its STILL snowing.  There is at least an inch and is still coming down

The groomers are out again and the stakes are still on the lakes.

The daytime temps are awesome. Cold enough to keep the snow good mild enough to be nice.  Since it doesn't get dark until after7:00 you can ride forever.

I'm doing this on my iPad and its a pain in the butt so that's it for tonight  My Internet at the house sucks.

Hope you can make it up for one last ride.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

No time to dally I have snooker in an hour.

I can't say more about the trails and the grooming.  We had so many riders in today and they were happy, happy, happy.

All of the trails in the MLSS system were groomed by this morning.  We had two guys in that had ridden to Pembroke yesterday and stopped in on their way home.  They said it just kept getting better all the way.  We had riders in from Haliburton also.

It just won't stop snowing.  You look out one minute and it's snowing like crazy, stops for a little while then back again.  It's nuts. 

We also had a few people playing hokey from work.  You know who you are!!!!!

So pack up, load em up and get on up and ride.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We were crazy busy with sledders today.  Poor Shelly was here by herself.  Thank you everyone for being kind to her.

I was told that the groomers have gone out and it is still snowing and fricking freezing.  So there are still riding days ahead.

If you lost a camera today call me and let me know what it was and I might give it back.  It looks pretty nice.  Phone 613-338-3043.  It was found at the end of Lake St. Peter on the trail heading to Snowasis.

That's it for now.  I just got back from an appointment out of town but I though I should bring on the news.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It has finally stopped snowing.  It started last night about 7 and has snowed ever since then.

We have about 4-5 inches of fresh snow. 

Walking into the hunt camp on Sunday was awesome with the sun shining and the snow was hard enough to walk on top of which made it an easy walk.  But if you hit a soft spot you went in at least three feet so there is still a ton of snow in the bush.

We had riders in today from Harcourt and Gooderham.  Yesterday they were all from south of Bancroft way. 

There are no bad reports just some saying that it is getting a little bumpy in spots.  For this late in the season the conditions are amazing.  The snow today would sure make the road crossings better.  More snow is predicted for tomorrow also so I guess we will just wait and see.

The temperature is mild but still below zero and staying cold at night so things are staying frozen.  What a change from last year at this time.  No snow and out in your shirt sleeves most of the time.  Two riders in today said that this week last year they were golfing.  Fat chance of that for a while.

Well if you have time to get one more ride in it would be worth the trip.  I don't know if they will be grooming anymore or not.  I'm thinking no.  The guys are all tired and have probably had enough.  But who knows.

That's it for today.  Until next time.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Whew the grand children went home last night and life is back to normal.  It's so nice to see them, but it's also nice to see the north end of them heading south! They are so much better behaved when their parents are not around.

We still have good spring conditions.  The cold weather has kept the trails in fairly good shape.  The trails are well covered.  The groomer did not go out this weekend.  Part of the problem is the rocks in some places are showing and if they groom them they will pull them up more and make things worse.

So I don't know if they are finished for the season or if they will spring into action next week when we get more snow.

We have had a lot of riders in this weekend and all are quite pleased with the trail conditions.

So if you still want to get out for one more ride it is defiantly doable.

Well I just finished the payroll and now while the sun is shining we are heading out to walk into the hunt camp.  So that's all the news for today.

I will be back early next week with an update just in case some of you get to play hooky and come up for a ride.

Well I must add to this post.  As I was walking through the diner I spoke to two guys that had just ridden over from Wilberforce.  They said it was a great ride.  They were the first ones on freshly groomed trails almost the whole way. So there you go!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sorry to take so long to update.  Why do I start so many updates with that sentence. Hmmmm.

Well it rained all day Monday so that was just depressing, and I was in Toronto all day Tuesday so nothing got done that day either.  You leave the house at 8:30 get home at 10 pm and holy molly you just lost a day.  Now it's Wednesday and another week is almost over.  Crap, stop the world I want to get off!!!

Any way I digress (again).  We have had three sets of sledders in today.  One had ridden up from Coe Hill and they were not unhappy with the trail conditions.  There was a breakfast meeting here this morning (another 6:30 start) and exec from the snowmobile club were here.  They said that they are keeping the trails at limited.  They hope to get out and groom.  Maybe today if we get enough snow.  It has snowed all day off and on.  But it is still pretty mild as I post this so they may have to wait until the morning when it is cooler.

After being in the city yesterday I can understand why you can't believe that there is still snow up here.  Trust me when I tell you there is snow up here. 

In the low lying areas like the entrance to my back yard where there was a lot of water after the rain it is frozen and slushy both.  So spots on the trail would be the same.  Now they are snow covered, frozen and slushy.

It's hard to say what to do about sledding this weekend.  I will stick with my standard.  If you don't have to drive too far or you don't have to pay for accommodation it would be well worth the trip because there is still lots of good riding out there (as of today).  So you do the math.

I am heading to Oshawa tomorrow to pick up my grand boys and I'll be back Friday.  That's as long as I can keep them before I get put in Gramma jail. 'Nuf said, you grandparents now what I'm talking about.  So no more updates until maybe late Friday.   I'll try when I get back Friday afternoon.  Don't hold out any hope for an update over the weekend because I will be outside playing if the weather is good or inside drinking wine if it's not.  Good thing their parents are coming up Saturday. 

Don't forget we are having music on Saturday night from 6:30 until 9:30.  So stop by for a bite to eat or just drinks.

I hope you're week is going great and you can head north for the weekend.

Back Soon (unless I have lied again)

Friday, March 08, 2013

What a beautiful week we have had.  The trails are in great shape. All riders in yesterday confirmed this.  We had four that rode all the way up from Bobcaygen.  Don't know if you could still do that today or not.

The roads are bare and dry and the side roads are sandy and not very snow covered so if you have a long way to ride on the road it's not good.   But otherwise it is wonderful.

I was asked about the sap.  I have given out enough buckets this week so far that I should be getting something in return!!!  I am told that if these nice days keep up it will be running well.  A few folks around here were going to start this weekend.  The days have been just the right temp for sap and the sun is shining.  It is still getting cool at night so that things are still frozen in the morning.

They are still grooming.  Last night on my way home from snooker (we got our asses kicked) I noticed that the groomers were out.  You could see where they had crossed the road because there was snow dragged on it. 

It looks like we are going to have a great week for March break.  Hope that you can make it up for a ride.

That's it for now.  I will be back on Monday for those that will be coming up later in the week.


Monday, March 04, 2013

A double update in one day. 

Here is a quick one. Two of the groomer drivers were in for coffee late this afternoon.  They had groomed the trail to Papineau.  I was told that by the end of the night all the trails in the MLSS system would be groomed as they were out this morning and another set of drivers were going out this evening.

This should make the trails awsome with more to come this weekend.

Yee Haw!!!!!

I'm not sure where January went but February went right behind it. It looks like we may get more snow in March then we did in January.  It continues to snow just flurries every day.  Not a lot just enough to keep everything fresh looking.

It would appear that we are going to have good snow for March break. 

Riders in today all said that the trails are in good shape.  It has been hard to get a definite answer to where the groomers are going, but it seems that they are going.  Two or three groups met up with groomers out this morning.

The roads and highways are clear and sometimes dry but the trails are well covered.

It was not very busy this weekend so it would seem that there is still lots of snow down south.  I may have to work on that problem this week. Hmmmmm

Here's a shout out to Uncle Buck.  I bet you wish you were here. He he he

Nothing new to add today.  Nothing exciting happened this weekend so that's it for now. 

I will be back after Wednesday with more snow updates.

Here's hoping some of you can make it up for great mid week riding.


Friday, March 01, 2013

I'm starting to get a little nervous. If it doesn't stop snowing soon I think the locals are going to take me out to the town square and stone me.  They are getting a little tired of shoveling.

They say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.  Well I've been wishing I had a new car too but NOOOOO.  All I get is more snow.  Oh well at least some of my wishes are coming true.

It has been mild this week so the trails are a little soft but they are still in great shape. It's the mild temperature that brings all the snow, so I suppose we have to take the good with the bad.  It was much colder this morning so the snow has tightened up a lot.

I'm not sure where grooming went last night or today but I'm going to lie and say that all the groomers were out because that sounds much better.

It is still snowing again today and it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend so I hope that there is not too much snow down south and you all have to come up here for some fun.

Once a week I chew through my leash and escape.  I only get as far a Bancroft before I'm found and dragged back.  So I'm off again this morning.  Maybe if I leave earlier I won't get caught so soon.

Stop by if you are sledding this way.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The days are getting longer.  It is daylight at 6:30 and still light at 6:00.  It's wonderful.  Spring may be around the corner but the sledding continues.

We have had a number of riders in over the last two days.  Conditions are still great.  We have had snow every day since Friday.  None today but according to the weather watchers the sky is falling tonight. 

I watched both groomers go out last night at 6 and they were back out this morning again about 10:30.  So with the fresh snow on the groomed trails it should be even better tomorrow.

Things have been pretty quiet this week and week end.  No touching stories or bone head plays.  The only amusing thing was the Llama that my friend saw running down hwy 127 on Saturday afternoon.  Most people didn't believe her and thought that she was just smoking something.  But today I found out where the little fella lives and he really does exist.  Just like Santa.

Well that's it for now.  I will be back in a day or two after the alleged storm hits.  We have had a whole lot on snow days this year but we haven't had a real rip snorter of a storm that drops a foot or two of snow.  I think that it is time for one.  It will give everyone something to talk about and keep the old guys busy for a day or two.

Hope to see you soon.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Perfectly groomed trails, with a fresh layer of snow (that is still falling), temperature just enough below zero to keep it all in good shape.

It doesn't get any better than this!!!!  We are expecting a lot of happy sledders today.  If you can't make it today I hope you can tomorrow.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Sorry I didn't  update Thursday.  But the day got away on me and it was snooker time before I knew it.  The weather has been great this week.  Sunny mild, snow here and there.  I had the driveway plowed once this week.

Riders in this week are all saying the trails are in great shape.  Two groups commented on how good it was from Whitney down to the Haliburton turn which often isn't so good.

The groomers have been out every day so far this week. 

The groups have been smaller this week and the trails are not as busy.  Most riders say that they have only met one or two other groups all day.

Well that is about it. Nothing earth shatering. I'm off to town for the weekly beer, liquor and food run so I'd better dash.

Hope you can make it up this weekend.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Okay it is almost 6:30 and I am ready to go home, make dinner and crash so no witty banter, touching stories or shout outs to anyone, although there have been many over the weekend.

I waited until today to update because I wanted to see how much snow fell overnight.  Well not much overnight but it snowed of and on (mostly on) all day.  I came to work in my shoes and I really wish that I had worn boots.  We got quite a few inches and it doesn't look like it is going to stop any time soon. 

It has warmed up from the weekend and is really quite nice out. 

The groomers have been out grooming madly.  Every trail in the system has been done in the last 24 hours.  They have groomed every day since last Tuesday and there are no signs that they are slowing down.  Kudos to those guys.  One groomer was in this morning and he was out yesterday from 9 am until 6 pm and he is back out again this afternoon.  They are still working on the Madawaska trail and have something special for groomer to climb the icy hill.  Cleats or spikes or something like that.  I really should pay more attention.

Riders in yesterday and today say that they have never seen the trails in better shape.  Even with such a busy weekend they were well kept up.

So things are looking good for this weekend.  I will be back Thursday with an update.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well that last weeks storm is just another story. It seems so long ago.  We have had snow, rain, more snow, rain, more snow and then more snow. 

The trails are in great shape.  They have been grooming every day, sometimes twice a day. 

I apologise for not updating sooner but we have been so busy I haven't had time.  I can't believe it is Wednesday all ready.

Holy mackerel I don't know where you are all coming from.  But bless you all for coming.

I had turn down a group for dinner last night because my son-in-law was on his way to Bellville to test drive a vehicle for my daughter when he hit a dear.  I had to go and babysit my granddaughter while she went to pick up her husband.  I guess that lowers the resale value of her car, and I may  be in a grandma time out for things that went on. Oh well pay back is a bitch.

Our conditions are great and riders are coming from all directions. We had some riders in from Haliburton today and it is the first time that they have been able to ride over here.

Don't forget the club poker run this weekend.  You will be supporting a good cause.

That's is for now.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

I guess I don't have to tell anyone that it snowed!!!  You probably already know.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Wow Thursday already.  This has been a crazy week.  But Thursday is usually quiet so I have time to blather on today.

We are getting snow today.  But we get our snow in sensible amounts so as not to cripple the neighbourhood.  The local weather forcasters here, and by that I mean the old guys and the BS table by the door have varing amounts of snow falling.  One says 2-5 cms the other says 25 cms.  See what I mean.  They are all half deaf and never get the story right but it does make for lively conversation when they all start talking at once.  It is amusing and it gets hard to ignore them sometimes, but it keeps them off the streets.  It's exhasting on rainy days when they stay forever.  It's like indoor recess.

Two of the groomer guys are here now after making some minor repairs.  They say all trails are groomed and are in good shape but there is still ice under the snow so be careful.  The only problem spot is the same 173 & 175 where the hills are still icy. 

Just a heads up.  For family day weekend you can ride without purchasing a trail permit.  All you have to do is go online to the OFSC website and print off a permit and ride free all weekend.  You can ice fish without a license also.

If you are looking for inexpensive lodging while sledding you might try the Arlington Hotel in Maynooth.  There are new owners there and they are anxious to have overnight business.  Also the hotel is open most of the time so if you are staying there, there is something to do in the evening.  There is lots of parking for trucks and trailers. -613-338-2080.

Also on Sunday, Feb 17 (family day weekend)  there are Radar Runs at Pine Grove Point near Harcourt.  11 am - 5 pm  There will be lots going on and they are also looking for volunteers to help with the runs that day.  For more info call Rob @ 705-448-2387 or e-mail  This is a charity event for the Wilberforce Food Bank and should be a good day.

Here's a shout out to the Cleveland guys.  Hope you made it home safely.  Sorry you had to leave just when things were getting better.  See you next year.  Except for their buddy from Mckenzie Lake.  I'll see you sooner.

That's it that's all.  Hope we see you on the weekend

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

No time for whimsy this morning.  I have a busy day ahead of me today.  So just the facts.

Groomers were out yesterday.  All trails are open again.  the 175 and 173 are called limited because of ice on the hills.  Riders in Tuesday were all pleased with the conditions and the lack of traffic made it even better.

We had a little more snow last night and more is expected if not today then Thursday for sure. 

It is shaping up quite nicely for the weekend so load 'em up and get riding.

That's it for now. Back Thursday with a snow update.


Monday, February 04, 2013

All four groomers went out this morning. Unfortunately the new red Case broke down AGAIN  just about 5 miles from where it started.  That thing should be yellow because it is a lemon!!!!  It logs more hours broken down than it does grooming.

The little one that stays on the Madawaska Rd. is having trouble getting up the hills because of the ice.  It slides off the trail and that is not fun apparently.  It is heading over this way to do some grooming today.

That's all  know, so that's all she wrote.  More snow is expected this week but I've been duped before.

Back in a day or two.


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Things are looking much better today.  We got about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday.  We have had a fair number of riders in so far today and all are saying things are good. 

There are some trees down and the odd rock on the really rough spots but all things considered not too bad. 

No word on grooming so I will be back early next week when I find something out.

Keep snowy thoughts.


Saturday, February 02, 2013

It's snowing!!!!!!  Not crazy but enough to cover the ground well.  It started snowing lightly last night and hasn't stopped yet today.

Riders in today are not disappointed.  They are saying things are good.  Last night was not so good, sleds were overheating because of the ice but not so today.

You have to be careful on the corners but otherwise all is pretty good.  It's amazing what a difference 12 hours can make either way.

It would be worth the trip if you are close enough to come up just for the day. 

Lets hope this continues.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


Friday, February 01, 2013

It is with deep regret that I must report the death of our snowmobile trails for this weekend.  I can't believe it.  Busted 3 out of the last 4 weekends. 

I have long passed crabby and slid right into pissed off!!!

It would only take 2 or 3 inches of snow to get back on track (no pun intended) again.  The groomer tried to go out last night to see what it would do but it wasn't effective enough to make a difference.

I had one rider in this morning and he said that if he wasn't running a machine with studs you would never make it around the corners.

I'll never understand why when they predict rain we always get it, but when they predict  snow it doesn't happen.  Mother nature is one mean old hag.

I will be back as soon as something changes.  Like maybe the temperature going up to at least -10.

Sorry for the bad news  this hurts us all.

Cheers :(

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh things are not looking so good today.  The freezing rain has turned to rain.  And raining it is.  My commute to work was a scary trip across the driveway this morning.  Thank goodness it is still dark at 6:30 and no one was watching.

Now don't write off the weekend yet.  We are expecting snow Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am off to Oshawa this afternoon to do the gramma thing with my grand kids.  I will be back Thursday afternoon so I can update then with any weather changes.

Just when I though that today was lost a lonely sled pulled up in the driveway.  Oh, no excitement, its just the guy that can't drive his car for a few more weeks.  Then all hell broke loose.  Six guys sledded in from Benior Lake on their way to Deep River doing the RAP tour.  And then four more arrived in after driving all the way from Niagara Falls, NY to sled.  Well at least the NY guys have a hunt camp to hang out in. 

I sent the Benior Lake guys off in red neck rain coats (recycle garbage bags).  They had decided to pack up and trailer to Deep River to continue their tour tomorrow.  Good plan.

The plan for this weekend was to double end the grooming.  What is that you say.  Well I just learned myself.  They were to send all groomers out in the morning and in the evening change up the drivers and send them all out again. I will call when I get home tomorrow to see what is happening.

So that's all the info that I can add today.  I wish the news was better.


Monday, January 28, 2013

It was a beautiful weekend in the neighbourhood.  Lots and lots of sledders and great weather made for a busy weekend.  Yeee haw!!!

It was funny to hear my two servers comparing aches and pains on Sunday after our busy Saturday.  Young people-they have no stamina.  But thank goodness they both showed up for work on Sunday.

I hear it's snowing down south and the roads are bad and the buses are cancelled.  Well it's snowing up here too but we haven't cancelled anything. I'm sure that my commute to work this morning was easier than anyone else.  It was a little dicey crossing the driveway but I made it unscathed.   Life goes on when it snows.

The groomers were all out last night.  Most were done last night the rest will be done tonight.  So if the weather holds up this week they should stay in good shape.  We have had about three inches of snow so far and it doesn't look like it will be letting up any time soon.

Here's a shout out to Tammy who was out on here first ride in a NUMBER of years.  I'm wondering if she hurts all over today.  She looked pretty pooped out on Saturday afternoon when they were in and she had a serious case of "arserites" on Sunday morning when they came for breaky.  I'll bet she is sitting on one of those little blow up donuts at work today.  He he he.  And we can't forget the birthday girl Laurie.  I was told 50 but I'm sure it was only 45!  A good time was had by all and there may have been a birthday drink.  Thanks for stopping by you guys were fun. 

Oh and Frank they guys you sent to pick up your sled on Sunday were a little sketchy looking.  It may be in Haliburton by now in pieces. I hear they get more for it that way.  I'm just saying!!!

I didn't hear of any accidents last weekend other than a few dead sleds.  I was told this morning that the OPP stopped 300 sleds on Saturday in a six hour period.  Hope if you were one of them it all went well.

I'll bet there are a few gas stations out of Premium today.  I know the station in LSP ran out Sunday afternoon.  Shamus was on the phone all afternoon trying to get a fill for today or tomorrow.  That would be like trying to find an honest politician!!  He is doing a good job of keeping filled up but this was extreme.

That's it for now I will be back Wednesday with a snow and weather report.

I hope some of you can make it up mid week.  Keep it between the trees.


PS  For those with little imagination "arserities" means a sore butt.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Whoa baby.  Is it ever cold outside today.  Sunny but freezing cold.

The groomers were out last night and again this morning.  After the snow on the weekend and the cold temperatures the trails should be A-1 now. 

It was amazing on Saturday night.  The snow changed to freezing rain during the night and thunder and lightening started.  What a show.  I have never seen that in the winter and it looks pretty cool.  The lightning is blue.  Then it changed back to snow again and by morning we had another few inches of snow.  Please note that there was no wine involved in the observation and I was backed up by a number of amazed people on Sunday morning.

It was fairly busy on Sunday with no complaints about the conditions.  The parking lot in Bird's Creek was quite full.

Nothing more to report yet this week.  No bonehead plays or touching stories.  Pretty quiet.

Come on people let's try to make next weekend more exciting.

Back later in the week.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Okay.   I tried and I failed.  Even my daughter tried and she failed.  I did as I was asked, I took pictures and tried to load them on the blog to show all of the naysayers that we really do have snow.  But could I figure out how to post them. NO!!!!!! We tried and tried.

So just believe me.  It snowed last night and again today and it will again tonight.  We have snow, the trails are in good shape and there are riders out there.  This is a perfect weekend because that trails will not be busy at all.

So for the guy who thinks that I should mount a web cam on the diner give your head a shake.  I can barely sync my iPhone to my iPad and the computer. How in HELL would I ever figure out how to install a web cam.  Sheesh.  If you want a web came out there someone had better step up to the plate and do it for me because that is not on my bucket list!!!!

Here's a shout out to the dingbat that caught up to the groomer last week.  Keep off the trail when you are driving in your truck.  This a recreational trail not a side road.  I hope you enjoyed the ride following the groomer at 6 or 7 kms per hour to the next crossroad where you could get off.  You really can't fix stupid.

Just chatting with Stu and Joe (from Sledarama).  They had just ridden up from Bird's Creek and around the forest access roads.  They said that the trails were great and in excellent shape. So load 'em up and get on up here.

Hope to see you all soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Well we could use more snow for sure but the sledding is still pretty good.  We had some guys in yesterday they were here for two days and they said that even without grooming the trails were in good shape.

Charlie Foster rode down Lake St. Peter on Wednesday and said it was well frozen.  They were going ice fishing on some back lake somewhere.

We are expecting snow today but I haven't seen any yet.  It is to snow all weekend also.  It has been nostril freezing weather for three days now so if it warms up a little we may see snow.

No more news today.  That's it for the weekend.  Hope we see you


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Okay I know my hits are up to about 100 per day because the same 10 people keep checking 10 times a day to see if I have updated.  So here goes.

Not enough new snow to get excited about.  Grooming has not restarted.  Cold temperatures are keeping everything frozen.  Some places are still in great shape others are less than perfect.  It's a good thing we had so much snow that we didn't loose it all with the rain.

It's a beautiful sunny and cold day today.  The first day I have felt cheery in awhile.  Snow is expected later in the week and on the weekend and no more above zero temperatures are expected.

I had a group of six riders in yesterday.  They were staying in Barrys Bay and had ridden over.  No comlaints just one big puddle not frozen along the rail bed before Whitney.  I'm sure it would be frozen by now. 

If you are only coming a short distance to ride it would be worth the trip, but if you are traveling from really far you may want to wait a week.  No news on the lake situation.  No one has had the nerve to go out again.  Norm went ice fishing today so I will check with him when he is in for coffee.  Now keep in mind that Norm does not always make the right or sane choice so I will take it with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequila).

Back before the weekend with more news.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sorry for not updating last Friday but when the hydro went out so did my internet.  When the hydro came back on my internet did not.  It took me a day or two to figure it out.

Also all this rain has made me depressed and sad that there is nothing to write about.

It's a good thing we had a good amount of snow because after this weekend we wouldn't have anything left.  Anywhere that was shoveled off is bare.  The tracks are still covered so some cold weather and more snow will fix it quickly, if it ever gets here. 

Snow is expected tomorrow so I will not update until Tuesday after I see what happens tomorrow and Tuesday.

I keep reminding myself that we get rained out one weekend every January but still get bummed out when that weekend happens.

Oh well better days ahead.

Back in a day or two.


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Well by the look of the diner I guess most everyone has gone home and back to the old routine.  We had a few sledders in today but they live here.

It is quite mild today so the snow is very soft.  Still at freezing but not nearly as cold as the weekend.  It is still getting well below zero at night.  We need more snow and more is expected on Wednesday.

The groomers were out on Saturday but did not go out Sunday night.  The Mawaska trail was done today but I don't know where else.  One of the groomers is having technical difficulties and is being worked on today.  More on grooming when I hear something or have riders in.

Now for the bonehead play of the weekend.  Last weekend a guy in a red and white Polaris with very loud illegal pipes was driving on the trail that passes through private land (which is clearly marked as private land), around Baptiste Lake off Woodcocks Rd.  It comes out in Birds Creek at Cafe BC.  He was speeding too fast and when the land owner motioned to him to slow down because his kids were playing near by (on their own property) the guy got off of his sled and started yelling and telling the land owner off.  Well you can guess what happened next.  The land owner was going to close off the trail through his property.  Fortunately the club president was able to convince him to keep the trail open.  What a shame that hundreds of people would have to suffer because of one asshole.  They are fairly sure that they know who he is.  A full time resident that is new to the area.   He would probably have a fit if you stepped foot on his land but shows no respect for others.

I am glad that the situation turned out okay in the end.  It would be a shame to loose any of the great trails that we have here because of stupidity.

There was a tragic accident last weekend ending in the death of a sledder.  So be careful when riding at night and watch your speed.

No more news good or bad and no touching stories today.  So I guess that's it.

Back later in the week with an update for the weekend.


Thursday, January 03, 2013

I was speaking to Herb Hammond last week.  He is one of the grand pubas of the snowmobile club.  I asked him to let me know where they are grooming because it is hard to find out specifics.  Bless his heart he calls me nearly every morning to let me know.  But he talks in trail numbers (you know how I am with numbers) so it takes me a while to figure out where they have been.

Enough of my sob story.  They groomed from Bancroft to Whitney on Wednesday.  E109 & 173 to Madawaska last night as well as the Mink Lake trail.

The lakes are still not safe so if trails are showing closed that is why.  You have to use the alternate route around them.

It's snowing now and looks like it will keep up for most of the day.  Of course it is I'm going to town.  I should have gone yesterday when it was sunny, but nooooo, wait until it is messy out.

The temperature is staying very cold especially at night but it usually warms up once it snows so we will have to wait and see.

No touching stories or bone head plays yet so that's it for today.  Things should be in good shape for the weekend.

Hope you stop by if you are in the area.