Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm baaaaack!!!

Greetings all. I am sorry for the long delay in posting but I had someone scrutinizing everything that I wrote and it took all of the fun out of it. Can you imagine me trying to edit myself? I think not. So probably no more sad and touching stories and bone head plays unless they were done by someone else. As usual you are all fair game.

The summer was great with lots going on. Many strange visitors and amusing stories to the diner but it's too late to go into all that now. If you were here you got them first hand.

My family has grown with the addition of two new granddaughters. One in Maynooth and one in Nova Scotia. I have also acquired a golden retriever puppy. He is 1 1/2 but he still acts like a puppy compared to the 15 year old dog that is not impressed with the new addition. I must say that the cats are not amused either but they are getting used to him.

Brian and Jim behaved really well this summer and did not leave me with any funny incidents. Thanks guys for taking out the air conditioner.

Not as many ATV's around this fall like most years. There have been more since Thanksgiving weekend.

The religion known as Moose hunting started here today. So things will be pretty quite for a while. With rain promised for every day this week it will be a soggy hunt.

Snow flurries are predicted for Thursday so I may have to rethink my sandals. I'm not putting them away just yet, it's not that far to walk to work. I did wear them most of last winter.

Fall came quickly and the trees were almost bare by Thanksgiving. So if winter comes as early as the spring, summer and fall there should be snow by the end of the month or November for sure.

The snowmobile club has purchased some land on Boulter Lake Rd and is finally getting a real home. They will eventually put shop on it so that repairs can be made on the equipment more easily. This couldn't be done without all the people that purchase trail permits from the Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers. So way to go Snow Skimmers and all the club members.

Well I'd better sign out. Not that it's busy, but baby Ava is here for visit and I am obligated to fuss over her.

Back soon, I'm just not saying when.