Friday, November 16, 2012

It looks like fall may be coming to an end.  We have woken up to snow three or four times so far, but the last time it stayed.  We got a couple of inches on Tuesday and there is still some on the ground in places that don't get the sun.  It has been beautiful.  Cold but sunny and now sort of snowy.  If it's going to snow it should snow and stay, not come and go.

The bridge work on 127 is now completed.  Lights have been down for a couple of weeks now and the paving is done also. 

The bridge replacement at Mink Lake is also finished ahead of schedule.  The residents were to be out for three weeks and they had it replaced and finished in less than two weeks.  A good job and a great bunch of guys.  We fed them three times a day and you couldn't have asked for a nicer group.

Snowmobile permits are selling.  Don't forget to get yours before December 1st to get the lower rate.  I have decided that we are going to have lots of snow this winter so the sledding season should be awesome!!!

The Santa Clause parade in Maynooth is Saturday, December 8th at 5.00 pm.  It is a great parade for a small village with a great turn out.  If you can make it up you won't be disappointed.

This is the end of the deer hunt for most people.  Some had good luck, some not so much (sorry Brian, better luck next year).  It's good to hear that the women are all holding up their end this year with great success.  In one camp four were shot in one week, three by the same lady.

I finally had to take my sandals off last week.  I don't know why, I just did.  I miss my sandals already.  Now its back to sorting socks again.  Grrrr 

Well again it took me so long to post that if there was a touching story or a bone head play I've forgotten it (socking) so I will end now.

Back I hope before the end of the month and for sure when the snow flies.

Go Argos Go!!!!