Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well not only is labour day long gone but now Thanksgiving is only a memory.  It was a good thing that it came early because the changing leaves came early also.  Most of the colour is gone, just the yellows are left but it still looks pretty driving down a narrow side road.

Snowmobile season must be just around the corner.  We have permits to sell and a sign out front saying so (which was recently moved by the road workers, they said it was too close to the hwy).  Funny I have had a sign advertising propane sales, ice sales and the permit sign up for years and no one has ever had a collision with all the reading available out front but we must take them all down anyway.  You crazy drivers we must protect you from yourselves!!!  But I digress.  I know that snowmobile season is coming soon because we have had snow about three times so far.  Nothing to get all excited about.  I am still wearing my sandals, after all it is still only October.  But it has been enough to remind us that Mother Nature is getting ready to challenge us all again. Bring it on lady.  I'm ready for you.

This week is Moose hunting week.  Things are pretty quiet around here.  Not the normal table of gossip and BS with most of the old boys out trekking through the bush.  There was an accident yesterday.  A hunter fell out of his tree stand (no this isn't the start of a joke) just off the Mink Lake Road and was hurt.  It was difficult to get him out of the bush but they did so and he was airlifted to hospital in the ORANG helicopter.  No word on how serious.

After the moose hunt there is a week in between and then the deer hunt starts for two weeks.  Another quiet time except for the wives that treat themselves to dinner with the husbands away.

The work on the bridges is almost complete.  One bridge had the barrier down and just cones now.  The other will not be far behind.  Just another couple of weeks I think.

Well not much to report that I can remember.  It is so long between postings that I forget all the good stuff by the next time.  Oh well.

That's it for now---oh and by the way---Hi Dave!!!!