Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Well by the look of the diner I guess most everyone has gone home and back to the old routine.  We had a few sledders in today but they live here.

It is quite mild today so the snow is very soft.  Still at freezing but not nearly as cold as the weekend.  It is still getting well below zero at night.  We need more snow and more is expected on Wednesday.

The groomers were out on Saturday but did not go out Sunday night.  The Mawaska trail was done today but I don't know where else.  One of the groomers is having technical difficulties and is being worked on today.  More on grooming when I hear something or have riders in.

Now for the bonehead play of the weekend.  Last weekend a guy in a red and white Polaris with very loud illegal pipes was driving on the trail that passes through private land (which is clearly marked as private land), around Baptiste Lake off Woodcocks Rd.  It comes out in Birds Creek at Cafe BC.  He was speeding too fast and when the land owner motioned to him to slow down because his kids were playing near by (on their own property) the guy got off of his sled and started yelling and telling the land owner off.  Well you can guess what happened next.  The land owner was going to close off the trail through his property.  Fortunately the club president was able to convince him to keep the trail open.  What a shame that hundreds of people would have to suffer because of one asshole.  They are fairly sure that they know who he is.  A full time resident that is new to the area.   He would probably have a fit if you stepped foot on his land but shows no respect for others.

I am glad that the situation turned out okay in the end.  It would be a shame to loose any of the great trails that we have here because of stupidity.

There was a tragic accident last weekend ending in the death of a sledder.  So be careful when riding at night and watch your speed.

No more news good or bad and no touching stories today.  So I guess that's it.

Back later in the week with an update for the weekend.


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