Monday, December 30, 2013

All right now that all that Christmas stuff is behind us let get back to business as usual.

I have been living in electronics hell for four days.  No internet, debit out for a while, router crapped out,  order system acting up and my computer is still acting like a spoiled child.  So therefore there were no updates over the last few days.

I have now also finished the road running to visit children and grandchildren.  Oshawa one day and Gananoque the next with a number of stops in between.  My goodness it's easier going to work even with temperamental electronics.

But I digress.  As for grooming on our way home last night I could see that the trail down to Bancroft had been done as well as the one over to Martins Mill.  At least the groomer had crossed the highway that way.  I haven't talked to anyone for specific info so I just know what I saw. 

We had the regular whiners in on Saturday complaining that the trails had not been groomed.  Really people.  Add 5,000 sleds to a warm day and what do you get.  Crappy Trails to you until we meet again. (Hum that tune, you know that you know it.)  It's not rocket science.  Get over it.   Just enjoy your day out.

The temperature has dropped to stinking cold so we are back in shape again.  There was not enough misty rain or mild temps to do any damage. It is a beautiful sunny day today so you get tricked into thinking that it is nice out.  And it is nice out if you are into -20.

Our first sledders of the day have just showed up.  They rode up from Bonior Lake and they said that it was groomed all the way there.

Don't forget the gas station in LSP is open 7 days a week until 9 most days.  It even has gas all the time.

I will continue my survey with any other customers and report back maybe not today but fairly soon.

Happy New Year to all.  Have fun even if you can't come up north.

Hope to see you soon.

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