Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Yes I have been scolded enough to guilt me into starting to post again.  Sheesh!!!!

Life has been a little overwhelming the last few months and I have had a severe case of writers block.  I just didn't seem to have it under the hood.  Not that there wasn't anything going on there has been lots and lots.  But that is all old news now and most of it I can't even remember.

You will notice that there have been no Black Fly reports for two reasons.  It's either raining or the black flies are too bad to sit outside.  Training with the wine continues though just in case it ever gets nice enough to sit outside.

I opened up this morning and am now sitting looking out the window thankful that I am working and not camping in anything especially a tent as the rain is pouring down again.  Thank goodness we live in a big sand box up here or we would all be wearing that fashionable footwear called rubber boots.

It is nice to see the summer people back.  It shows that life goes on not matter what. 

Our music started up on Saturday nights on the long weekend in May so if you find yourself bored on Saturday evenings come on out and join us from 6:30 - 9:30.  There is a lot of great local talent around.

If your are up this weekend don't forget the yard/bake sale at the Community Centre in Lake St. Peter.  Lots of good stuff and for a good cause. 

Well that's all that the creative juices can come up with this early in the morning.  I will be more diligent in my duties to keep you all informed about the goings on up here.  I don't know where April went and now I'm told that it is July already.  What the heck!!!

Think summery thoughts.  See you soon.