Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is winter trying to sneak up on us early again!!

It's hard to believe that not only is summer just a memory but fall has fallen and winter is just around the corner if you look out the window today.

This will be the seond snowfall so far this season. The wind is whistling and the trees are spinning in those scary little circles.

I have finally given in a am buying a generator. Every time the power goes out I say I will by one. But this weekend was the last straw. The dam beavers down the highway were snacking on a tree and took it down on the power line. Fortunatly it was repaired in short order and we were only out for a couple of hours. But enough is enough. Home Depot ship me a generator.

We are continuing with the music on Saturday evenings. It is going well. Singles or duos with a rotating roster of talent. If you are in the area drop by from 5 - 8.

Snowmobile permits are available at the diner or by contacting the club directly.

It's pretty quiet in the neighbourhood this time of year. The annual dear hunt frenzy is upon us. So good luck to all heading out this weekend.

I'll keep you posted when the snow hits for keeps, but this is just toooooooo soooooon!

Happy Halloween