Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh things are not looking so good today.  The freezing rain has turned to rain.  And raining it is.  My commute to work was a scary trip across the driveway this morning.  Thank goodness it is still dark at 6:30 and no one was watching.

Now don't write off the weekend yet.  We are expecting snow Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I am off to Oshawa this afternoon to do the gramma thing with my grand kids.  I will be back Thursday afternoon so I can update then with any weather changes.

Just when I though that today was lost a lonely sled pulled up in the driveway.  Oh, no excitement, its just the guy that can't drive his car for a few more weeks.  Then all hell broke loose.  Six guys sledded in from Benior Lake on their way to Deep River doing the RAP tour.  And then four more arrived in after driving all the way from Niagara Falls, NY to sled.  Well at least the NY guys have a hunt camp to hang out in. 

I sent the Benior Lake guys off in red neck rain coats (recycle garbage bags).  They had decided to pack up and trailer to Deep River to continue their tour tomorrow.  Good plan.

The plan for this weekend was to double end the grooming.  What is that you say.  Well I just learned myself.  They were to send all groomers out in the morning and in the evening change up the drivers and send them all out again. I will call when I get home tomorrow to see what is happening.

So that's all the info that I can add today.  I wish the news was better.


Monday, January 28, 2013

It was a beautiful weekend in the neighbourhood.  Lots and lots of sledders and great weather made for a busy weekend.  Yeee haw!!!

It was funny to hear my two servers comparing aches and pains on Sunday after our busy Saturday.  Young people-they have no stamina.  But thank goodness they both showed up for work on Sunday.

I hear it's snowing down south and the roads are bad and the buses are cancelled.  Well it's snowing up here too but we haven't cancelled anything. I'm sure that my commute to work this morning was easier than anyone else.  It was a little dicey crossing the driveway but I made it unscathed.   Life goes on when it snows.

The groomers were all out last night.  Most were done last night the rest will be done tonight.  So if the weather holds up this week they should stay in good shape.  We have had about three inches of snow so far and it doesn't look like it will be letting up any time soon.

Here's a shout out to Tammy who was out on here first ride in a NUMBER of years.  I'm wondering if she hurts all over today.  She looked pretty pooped out on Saturday afternoon when they were in and she had a serious case of "arserites" on Sunday morning when they came for breaky.  I'll bet she is sitting on one of those little blow up donuts at work today.  He he he.  And we can't forget the birthday girl Laurie.  I was told 50 but I'm sure it was only 45!  A good time was had by all and there may have been a birthday drink.  Thanks for stopping by you guys were fun. 

Oh and Frank they guys you sent to pick up your sled on Sunday were a little sketchy looking.  It may be in Haliburton by now in pieces. I hear they get more for it that way.  I'm just saying!!!

I didn't hear of any accidents last weekend other than a few dead sleds.  I was told this morning that the OPP stopped 300 sleds on Saturday in a six hour period.  Hope if you were one of them it all went well.

I'll bet there are a few gas stations out of Premium today.  I know the station in LSP ran out Sunday afternoon.  Shamus was on the phone all afternoon trying to get a fill for today or tomorrow.  That would be like trying to find an honest politician!!  He is doing a good job of keeping filled up but this was extreme.

That's it for now I will be back Wednesday with a snow and weather report.

I hope some of you can make it up mid week.  Keep it between the trees.


PS  For those with little imagination "arserities" means a sore butt.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Whoa baby.  Is it ever cold outside today.  Sunny but freezing cold.

The groomers were out last night and again this morning.  After the snow on the weekend and the cold temperatures the trails should be A-1 now. 

It was amazing on Saturday night.  The snow changed to freezing rain during the night and thunder and lightening started.  What a show.  I have never seen that in the winter and it looks pretty cool.  The lightning is blue.  Then it changed back to snow again and by morning we had another few inches of snow.  Please note that there was no wine involved in the observation and I was backed up by a number of amazed people on Sunday morning.

It was fairly busy on Sunday with no complaints about the conditions.  The parking lot in Bird's Creek was quite full.

Nothing more to report yet this week.  No bonehead plays or touching stories.  Pretty quiet.

Come on people let's try to make next weekend more exciting.

Back later in the week.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Okay.   I tried and I failed.  Even my daughter tried and she failed.  I did as I was asked, I took pictures and tried to load them on the blog to show all of the naysayers that we really do have snow.  But could I figure out how to post them. NO!!!!!! We tried and tried.

So just believe me.  It snowed last night and again today and it will again tonight.  We have snow, the trails are in good shape and there are riders out there.  This is a perfect weekend because that trails will not be busy at all.

So for the guy who thinks that I should mount a web cam on the diner give your head a shake.  I can barely sync my iPhone to my iPad and the computer. How in HELL would I ever figure out how to install a web cam.  Sheesh.  If you want a web came out there someone had better step up to the plate and do it for me because that is not on my bucket list!!!!

Here's a shout out to the dingbat that caught up to the groomer last week.  Keep off the trail when you are driving in your truck.  This a recreational trail not a side road.  I hope you enjoyed the ride following the groomer at 6 or 7 kms per hour to the next crossroad where you could get off.  You really can't fix stupid.

Just chatting with Stu and Joe (from Sledarama).  They had just ridden up from Bird's Creek and around the forest access roads.  They said that the trails were great and in excellent shape. So load 'em up and get on up here.

Hope to see you all soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Well we could use more snow for sure but the sledding is still pretty good.  We had some guys in yesterday they were here for two days and they said that even without grooming the trails were in good shape.

Charlie Foster rode down Lake St. Peter on Wednesday and said it was well frozen.  They were going ice fishing on some back lake somewhere.

We are expecting snow today but I haven't seen any yet.  It is to snow all weekend also.  It has been nostril freezing weather for three days now so if it warms up a little we may see snow.

No more news today.  That's it for the weekend.  Hope we see you


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Okay I know my hits are up to about 100 per day because the same 10 people keep checking 10 times a day to see if I have updated.  So here goes.

Not enough new snow to get excited about.  Grooming has not restarted.  Cold temperatures are keeping everything frozen.  Some places are still in great shape others are less than perfect.  It's a good thing we had so much snow that we didn't loose it all with the rain.

It's a beautiful sunny and cold day today.  The first day I have felt cheery in awhile.  Snow is expected later in the week and on the weekend and no more above zero temperatures are expected.

I had a group of six riders in yesterday.  They were staying in Barrys Bay and had ridden over.  No comlaints just one big puddle not frozen along the rail bed before Whitney.  I'm sure it would be frozen by now. 

If you are only coming a short distance to ride it would be worth the trip, but if you are traveling from really far you may want to wait a week.  No news on the lake situation.  No one has had the nerve to go out again.  Norm went ice fishing today so I will check with him when he is in for coffee.  Now keep in mind that Norm does not always make the right or sane choice so I will take it with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequila).

Back before the weekend with more news.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sorry for not updating last Friday but when the hydro went out so did my internet.  When the hydro came back on my internet did not.  It took me a day or two to figure it out.

Also all this rain has made me depressed and sad that there is nothing to write about.

It's a good thing we had a good amount of snow because after this weekend we wouldn't have anything left.  Anywhere that was shoveled off is bare.  The tracks are still covered so some cold weather and more snow will fix it quickly, if it ever gets here. 

Snow is expected tomorrow so I will not update until Tuesday after I see what happens tomorrow and Tuesday.

I keep reminding myself that we get rained out one weekend every January but still get bummed out when that weekend happens.

Oh well better days ahead.

Back in a day or two.


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Well by the look of the diner I guess most everyone has gone home and back to the old routine.  We had a few sledders in today but they live here.

It is quite mild today so the snow is very soft.  Still at freezing but not nearly as cold as the weekend.  It is still getting well below zero at night.  We need more snow and more is expected on Wednesday.

The groomers were out on Saturday but did not go out Sunday night.  The Mawaska trail was done today but I don't know where else.  One of the groomers is having technical difficulties and is being worked on today.  More on grooming when I hear something or have riders in.

Now for the bonehead play of the weekend.  Last weekend a guy in a red and white Polaris with very loud illegal pipes was driving on the trail that passes through private land (which is clearly marked as private land), around Baptiste Lake off Woodcocks Rd.  It comes out in Birds Creek at Cafe BC.  He was speeding too fast and when the land owner motioned to him to slow down because his kids were playing near by (on their own property) the guy got off of his sled and started yelling and telling the land owner off.  Well you can guess what happened next.  The land owner was going to close off the trail through his property.  Fortunately the club president was able to convince him to keep the trail open.  What a shame that hundreds of people would have to suffer because of one asshole.  They are fairly sure that they know who he is.  A full time resident that is new to the area.   He would probably have a fit if you stepped foot on his land but shows no respect for others.

I am glad that the situation turned out okay in the end.  It would be a shame to loose any of the great trails that we have here because of stupidity.

There was a tragic accident last weekend ending in the death of a sledder.  So be careful when riding at night and watch your speed.

No more news good or bad and no touching stories today.  So I guess that's it.

Back later in the week with an update for the weekend.


Thursday, January 03, 2013

I was speaking to Herb Hammond last week.  He is one of the grand pubas of the snowmobile club.  I asked him to let me know where they are grooming because it is hard to find out specifics.  Bless his heart he calls me nearly every morning to let me know.  But he talks in trail numbers (you know how I am with numbers) so it takes me a while to figure out where they have been.

Enough of my sob story.  They groomed from Bancroft to Whitney on Wednesday.  E109 & 173 to Madawaska last night as well as the Mink Lake trail.

The lakes are still not safe so if trails are showing closed that is why.  You have to use the alternate route around them.

It's snowing now and looks like it will keep up for most of the day.  Of course it is I'm going to town.  I should have gone yesterday when it was sunny, but nooooo, wait until it is messy out.

The temperature is staying very cold especially at night but it usually warms up once it snows so we will have to wait and see.

No touching stories or bone head plays yet so that's it for today.  Things should be in good shape for the weekend.

Hope you stop by if you are in the area.