Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here I go lying again. I said that I would be back on Thursday and here it is Saturday all ready. 

The restaurant hasn't been that busy but I have been and I don't know what I have accomplished yet.

The rail bed is under about a foot of water in most places but believe it or not there are still sledders out there.  There is a group meeting at the Ripples on Baptiste today for some late season fun.

The sun is beautiful and the days are great.  Some of the snow is melting away but not all.  We went out to visit a neighbour on the ATV last night and had a little trouble getting through the snow in the front yard but got stuck in the same tracks when we got home.  Oh well at least you know no one will steal the bike when it is stuck in the snow.  That's a job for later today.  My ATV is still safely tucked away in it's shed with three feet of snow piled up in front of the door, so it may be a long time before it gets out.

At great personal risk to myself I have decided to do a black fly report early this year.  I will be digging a couple of lawn chairs out of the garage and  I can be found on the back deck with a glass of wine this afternoon to see how long it takes before the black flies send me in the house.  I am inviting a friend over for moral support because you can't risk some of these challenges alone.  I will report back.

Oh by the way Hi Dave!!!

It's nice to see some of the summer people brave the snow and trek into the cottage.  That is as sure a sign of spring as the first robin.

That's it for now.

Back later.Cheers

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OK so they have officially stopped grooming but they have not stopped riding.

We had two sledders in today that had ridden up from Benoir Lake. Now they left their sleds over on the other side of the road to come in for lunch but they still came in. Trails are still good but so is the weather.  It hasn't snowed much this week and even if it does it will not improve things much.

So it may be all over but the crying.  If you are coming up for the weekend you can still putter around the neighbourhood and play.  The days are great and there is still lots of snow.  Great for keeping the drinks cold in "the big fridge".  There is nothing like a snowbank outside the back door to keep the frosty beverages cold.

Here's a shout out to Doug and Pete (the old fart).  I just wanted to let you know that Rod was in today.  I opened a brand new bottle of red wine for him and there is still lots left for you two.  Good thing I drink white or you might be out of luck again!!!

I will be back with a weather report for the weekend on Thursday.  We will be open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday with music on Saturday night from 6:30 to 9:30.

Hope you can make it in.

Going home for dinner in a bit, just finishing up with the last customers.  What kind of an idiot can burn dinner in a crock pot-Oh wait that was me.  So now for plan B for dinner.  I'm thinking Doritos and wine but hoping it's something better when I get home in a little while.

Back later

Friday, March 22, 2013

I just got home and its STILL snowing.  There is at least an inch and is still coming down

The groomers are out again and the stakes are still on the lakes.

The daytime temps are awesome. Cold enough to keep the snow good mild enough to be nice.  Since it doesn't get dark until after7:00 you can ride forever.

I'm doing this on my iPad and its a pain in the butt so that's it for tonight  My Internet at the house sucks.

Hope you can make it up for one last ride.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

No time to dally I have snooker in an hour.

I can't say more about the trails and the grooming.  We had so many riders in today and they were happy, happy, happy.

All of the trails in the MLSS system were groomed by this morning.  We had two guys in that had ridden to Pembroke yesterday and stopped in on their way home.  They said it just kept getting better all the way.  We had riders in from Haliburton also.

It just won't stop snowing.  You look out one minute and it's snowing like crazy, stops for a little while then back again.  It's nuts. 

We also had a few people playing hokey from work.  You know who you are!!!!!

So pack up, load em up and get on up and ride.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We were crazy busy with sledders today.  Poor Shelly was here by herself.  Thank you everyone for being kind to her.

I was told that the groomers have gone out and it is still snowing and fricking freezing.  So there are still riding days ahead.

If you lost a camera today call me and let me know what it was and I might give it back.  It looks pretty nice.  Phone 613-338-3043.  It was found at the end of Lake St. Peter on the trail heading to Snowasis.

That's it for now.  I just got back from an appointment out of town but I though I should bring on the news.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It has finally stopped snowing.  It started last night about 7 and has snowed ever since then.

We have about 4-5 inches of fresh snow. 

Walking into the hunt camp on Sunday was awesome with the sun shining and the snow was hard enough to walk on top of which made it an easy walk.  But if you hit a soft spot you went in at least three feet so there is still a ton of snow in the bush.

We had riders in today from Harcourt and Gooderham.  Yesterday they were all from south of Bancroft way. 

There are no bad reports just some saying that it is getting a little bumpy in spots.  For this late in the season the conditions are amazing.  The snow today would sure make the road crossings better.  More snow is predicted for tomorrow also so I guess we will just wait and see.

The temperature is mild but still below zero and staying cold at night so things are staying frozen.  What a change from last year at this time.  No snow and out in your shirt sleeves most of the time.  Two riders in today said that this week last year they were golfing.  Fat chance of that for a while.

Well if you have time to get one more ride in it would be worth the trip.  I don't know if they will be grooming anymore or not.  I'm thinking no.  The guys are all tired and have probably had enough.  But who knows.

That's it for today.  Until next time.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Whew the grand children went home last night and life is back to normal.  It's so nice to see them, but it's also nice to see the north end of them heading south! They are so much better behaved when their parents are not around.

We still have good spring conditions.  The cold weather has kept the trails in fairly good shape.  The trails are well covered.  The groomer did not go out this weekend.  Part of the problem is the rocks in some places are showing and if they groom them they will pull them up more and make things worse.

So I don't know if they are finished for the season or if they will spring into action next week when we get more snow.

We have had a lot of riders in this weekend and all are quite pleased with the trail conditions.

So if you still want to get out for one more ride it is defiantly doable.

Well I just finished the payroll and now while the sun is shining we are heading out to walk into the hunt camp.  So that's all the news for today.

I will be back early next week with an update just in case some of you get to play hooky and come up for a ride.

Well I must add to this post.  As I was walking through the diner I spoke to two guys that had just ridden over from Wilberforce.  They said it was a great ride.  They were the first ones on freshly groomed trails almost the whole way. So there you go!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sorry to take so long to update.  Why do I start so many updates with that sentence. Hmmmm.

Well it rained all day Monday so that was just depressing, and I was in Toronto all day Tuesday so nothing got done that day either.  You leave the house at 8:30 get home at 10 pm and holy molly you just lost a day.  Now it's Wednesday and another week is almost over.  Crap, stop the world I want to get off!!!

Any way I digress (again).  We have had three sets of sledders in today.  One had ridden up from Coe Hill and they were not unhappy with the trail conditions.  There was a breakfast meeting here this morning (another 6:30 start) and exec from the snowmobile club were here.  They said that they are keeping the trails at limited.  They hope to get out and groom.  Maybe today if we get enough snow.  It has snowed all day off and on.  But it is still pretty mild as I post this so they may have to wait until the morning when it is cooler.

After being in the city yesterday I can understand why you can't believe that there is still snow up here.  Trust me when I tell you there is snow up here. 

In the low lying areas like the entrance to my back yard where there was a lot of water after the rain it is frozen and slushy both.  So spots on the trail would be the same.  Now they are snow covered, frozen and slushy.

It's hard to say what to do about sledding this weekend.  I will stick with my standard.  If you don't have to drive too far or you don't have to pay for accommodation it would be well worth the trip because there is still lots of good riding out there (as of today).  So you do the math.

I am heading to Oshawa tomorrow to pick up my grand boys and I'll be back Friday.  That's as long as I can keep them before I get put in Gramma jail. 'Nuf said, you grandparents now what I'm talking about.  So no more updates until maybe late Friday.   I'll try when I get back Friday afternoon.  Don't hold out any hope for an update over the weekend because I will be outside playing if the weather is good or inside drinking wine if it's not.  Good thing their parents are coming up Saturday. 

Don't forget we are having music on Saturday night from 6:30 until 9:30.  So stop by for a bite to eat or just drinks.

I hope you're week is going great and you can head north for the weekend.

Back Soon (unless I have lied again)

Friday, March 08, 2013

What a beautiful week we have had.  The trails are in great shape. All riders in yesterday confirmed this.  We had four that rode all the way up from Bobcaygen.  Don't know if you could still do that today or not.

The roads are bare and dry and the side roads are sandy and not very snow covered so if you have a long way to ride on the road it's not good.   But otherwise it is wonderful.

I was asked about the sap.  I have given out enough buckets this week so far that I should be getting something in return!!!  I am told that if these nice days keep up it will be running well.  A few folks around here were going to start this weekend.  The days have been just the right temp for sap and the sun is shining.  It is still getting cool at night so that things are still frozen in the morning.

They are still grooming.  Last night on my way home from snooker (we got our asses kicked) I noticed that the groomers were out.  You could see where they had crossed the road because there was snow dragged on it. 

It looks like we are going to have a great week for March break.  Hope that you can make it up for a ride.

That's it for now.  I will be back on Monday for those that will be coming up later in the week.


Monday, March 04, 2013

A double update in one day. 

Here is a quick one. Two of the groomer drivers were in for coffee late this afternoon.  They had groomed the trail to Papineau.  I was told that by the end of the night all the trails in the MLSS system would be groomed as they were out this morning and another set of drivers were going out this evening.

This should make the trails awsome with more to come this weekend.

Yee Haw!!!!!

I'm not sure where January went but February went right behind it. It looks like we may get more snow in March then we did in January.  It continues to snow just flurries every day.  Not a lot just enough to keep everything fresh looking.

It would appear that we are going to have good snow for March break. 

Riders in today all said that the trails are in good shape.  It has been hard to get a definite answer to where the groomers are going, but it seems that they are going.  Two or three groups met up with groomers out this morning.

The roads and highways are clear and sometimes dry but the trails are well covered.

It was not very busy this weekend so it would seem that there is still lots of snow down south.  I may have to work on that problem this week. Hmmmmm

Here's a shout out to Uncle Buck.  I bet you wish you were here. He he he

Nothing new to add today.  Nothing exciting happened this weekend so that's it for now. 

I will be back after Wednesday with more snow updates.

Here's hoping some of you can make it up for great mid week riding.


Friday, March 01, 2013

I'm starting to get a little nervous. If it doesn't stop snowing soon I think the locals are going to take me out to the town square and stone me.  They are getting a little tired of shoveling.

They say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.  Well I've been wishing I had a new car too but NOOOOO.  All I get is more snow.  Oh well at least some of my wishes are coming true.

It has been mild this week so the trails are a little soft but they are still in great shape. It's the mild temperature that brings all the snow, so I suppose we have to take the good with the bad.  It was much colder this morning so the snow has tightened up a lot.

I'm not sure where grooming went last night or today but I'm going to lie and say that all the groomers were out because that sounds much better.

It is still snowing again today and it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend so I hope that there is not too much snow down south and you all have to come up here for some fun.

Once a week I chew through my leash and escape.  I only get as far a Bancroft before I'm found and dragged back.  So I'm off again this morning.  Maybe if I leave earlier I won't get caught so soon.

Stop by if you are sledding this way.