Friday, January 28, 2011

It would seem that the snowmobile season has officially started.

Baptiste Lake and Lake St Peter are staked. So that must mean that things are official

We have even had some sledders in this week. Regulars that say this is the first ride this year. Sad that it has taken this long to get rolling.

The groomers have been out every day and we have had flurries every day also so things are looking much better.

Now if we could just melt the snow south of Hwy 7 it would be great.

Nothing new or exciting to report so I'll get back to work and get ready for a busy weekend. Hope springs eternal!!!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It is getting a little warmer if you consider -25 warmer. At least we know that the snow won't melt!

The groomers were out yesterday north and south. Herb was to take "the little red one" back over to Maple Leaf on Monday and groom that trail up the back side of Lake St. Peter but it wouldn't start. I guess it doesn't like -33. Go figure.

More snow is falling today and it should warm up Wednesday.

I wasn't here on Saturday (grandsons 2nd birthday) so I didn't hear any touching stories or bonehead plays. All was quite on the gossip scene. Better luck this week.

Back later in the week.

Friday, January 21, 2011

We are back in business again.

The groomer went to Paradise Point and Dog Bay last night. It went out again this morning but I don't know where. I'm just happy that it went out.

That's all the info I have.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let the whining begin.

No grooming that I know of. More snow tomorrow, not tons, just some.

It's stinking freezing up here and not going to get any warmer!!!!

Sunny and cold this weekend you know the kind that freezes your nose hairs when you take a breath.

Not much else to say about conditions. Riders in this week have not been complaining about conditions. That is a good thing.

I'm being scolded for not updating more often. But when nothing changes there is not much to say. So I may just update and say nothing new to report. That way I don't catch so much flack.

We did have a little incident Tuesday. Two ladies were out riding when ones sled started on fire of course with a full fuel tank. She thought that it was just fog in her helmet until her pants and boot started on fire. All ended well except for the sled and the pants I imagine.

I hope that cute young couple from Bellville got home in time to pick the kids up from school Thursday. They were cutting it a little close.

Well of to snooker tonight. See you on the weekend.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally snow at last. With yesterdays snow fall on top of what had fallen last week we have decent snow. I had the lot plowed on Sunday and it needs to be done again today.

I haven't heard where the groomers have gone or if they have gone but I will hear tomorrow when Pat the cook comes in. She usually has the info because her husband grooms sometimes.

Last night I had two very nice sledders in for dinner. They had ridden from Norland at Hwy 35 and were on their way to Barry's Bay. They were shocked at how good the trails were all the way over after reading the OFSC web site and finding that all trails were closed still. They had a great ride leaving Norland area at noon and arriving at the diner by 6:00.

I will be back Thursday or Friday (sorry Brian if it's Friday) with more info on grooming and other stuff that is important.

I know lots of you won't have to leave your own neighborhood because there is snow everywhere but here's hoping we see you this weekend.


Monday, January 17, 2011

It certainly was encouraging to see sledders in this weekend. The most common comment is we need more snow.

Well there is more coming Tuesday, Wednesday and then Friday so things should be looking much better this week.

It was a great weekend weather wise not too cold and lots of sun on Sunday. However this morning was YIKES minus 33. It zoomed up to a balmy minus 27 by 9:00. Hardly worth putting a coat on to come to work! There was already lots of ice on the lakes but this will really freeze stuff up. Even some things we don't want frozen.

Rhonda and the gang from across the road had a very inventive way of spending the day when sledding conditions were not the best. They shoveled off a section of the lake, built a fire on the shore, moved the bar down to a snowbank and played a afternoon of boccie ball. I'm not sure but they may be representing Canada in the next winter Olympics, they are that good!!!

The groomer went out last night and did up to Whitney and down to Bancroft. Unfortunately on the return trip from Whitney the groomer blew a tire so some work will be done on it this week.

On an even sadder note Jim M's new sled went home on a trailer this weekend :-( Poor Jim after the last few years of reeeeeeeeelllllly bad luck with his Skidoo he was hoping for better luck with an Arctic Cat, but alas it was not to be. Look on the bright side Jim at least you keep us in touching stories. I hope it's feeling better by next weekend and is able to come out to play again.

That's all the news that fit to print for now. I'll be back later in the week.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

All right now-Who isn't doing the snow dance? It would seem most of you. Don't be afraid of looking stupid. It hasn't bothered me. I do it on a regular basis.

We haven't had much snow this week even though it has tried every day. It sure is cold though. I don't know if the groomers were out yesterday. But most trails that were groomable were done. Some just don't have enough snow.

I had two riders in today. They went from here to Whitney over to Madawaska and back down the back way. No complaints about grooming just lack of snow and rocks that have come through.

We are still to get snow tomorrow but who knows how much.

So the report is not good today and I am not sure about the weekend. If anything happens tomorrow I will update. If you don't hear from me Friday I am drowning my sorrows in a lovely bottle of white wine while I pout. That's it for today-I'm off to snooker.

Lets hope for snow!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well I'm back with an encouraging report. Not all good news just not bad.

The groomers are back out again. Down to Bancroft, Martins Mill and Whitney yesterday. There has not been much new snow. It has been snowing a lot but the snow is fine so it doesn't add up to much.

On a positive note the continuously cold weather has let the lakes freeze up well. I got this info first hand from Brian and Jim. I know they are goofballs but they would not lead me astray in this department. They were out playing on Lake St. Peter on Saturday and Sunday. Mink is also being traveled on. I don't know about Baptiste but if these two are frozen that Baptiste is also.

We are expecting a little snow on Wednesday and more on Saturday and Sunday. At least this week when it isn't snowing the sun was out which makes things look a lot rosier.

I was starting to get a little cranky or is that crankier than usual with all the dull cold days.

On an amusing note I had the cutest phone call last week from a guy checking on snow conditions. I gave him my usual answer if you are not traveling from too far the trip would be worth it, but if you are coming from far away the conditions were not good enough to make a trip

When I asked him how far he was coming from he asked me "have you ever heard of a place called Oshawa?". Well if you know me at all you can just imagine what I would have liked to say. But in my sweetest voice I told him that I had been raised in Ajax. He then went on to say that he wasn't really from Oshawa but a little town east. Had I heard of Newcastle. He was quite surprised to hear that I had even been there. A number of people from the city are condescending or just rude. But bless his heart I think that he was just naive. I'll bet he didn't know that I have call display and recognized him when he phoned back this week!!!! He he he.

Well this is a shout out for everyone to shake what your mama gave you and do the snow dance for here.

Back later in the week with all the good news.


Saturday, January 08, 2011



Friday, January 07, 2011

Sadly I have lied again. I said I'd be back late Thursday and here it is Friday already.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel but we are not there yet. It has snowed a bit everyday. But not enough to call it a snowfall. We have about 3-4 inches of fresh snow. I have seen the odd sled out on the rail bed this week but haven't talked to anyone that was out.

No grooming yet because of the snow or lack of it. We will be getting more today and tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see what the weekend brings. It is to be sunny over the weekend. The good part is the temperature has not gone above zero for quite some time and is not expected to rise any time soon. The lakes are freezing up nicely and more snow would be just the ticket.

Well I'll end now as I am not finished pouting!

Back in a couple of days.
Nancy :-(

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Riders in today said----Oh wait, there were no riders in today.

We had a little snow yesterday and more today. Today was an actual snowfall not just flurries. Heavy one minute light the next. But it came down all day. Now don't go loading up the trailers just yet. We haven't gone that far.

The temperature has dropped enough that the lakes are now frozen over again. The next few days is to bring more snow after tomorrow and the temp is not going above zero so things should be looking up by the weekend.

It's pretty quiet this week not touching stories just one bone head play by yours truly. After making a lovely pot of Cream of Potato Soup I left the kitchen thinking that I had turned the stove off. Alas I was mistaken. About half an hour later when the funny smell started I wondered what that was. I had a well charred stainless steel pot holding a pot of brown cream of potato soup. Needless to say the soup for today is now beef barley.

I will be back Thursday late in the day to let you know how things are going.

So long for now.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year

Let's hope that 2011 brings good things for everyone.

Now that all of the festivities are over it's time to get back to business.

The rain on New Years Eve didn't stop our outdoor activities but it did knock the crap out of the snow.

Since when does a chance of showers become 24 hour downpour!!!

I haven't seen any trails in a few days but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they are trashed.

Thankfully today the temperature has dropped and light snow is falling off and on. There is snow if the forecast for the next 6 out of 7 days and the temp is not to come above zero either.

This should improve conditions. I will update in a couple of days to let you know how much has fallen.

Here's a shout out to Brad from Picton. Sorry that there were no butter tarts or rice pudding the last time you were here. Hope you guys get up again when things are looking better.

I guess that's about all to report for now. Better days are ahead.