Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sorry for not updating last Friday but when the hydro went out so did my internet.  When the hydro came back on my internet did not.  It took me a day or two to figure it out.

Also all this rain has made me depressed and sad that there is nothing to write about.

It's a good thing we had a good amount of snow because after this weekend we wouldn't have anything left.  Anywhere that was shoveled off is bare.  The tracks are still covered so some cold weather and more snow will fix it quickly, if it ever gets here. 

Snow is expected tomorrow so I will not update until Tuesday after I see what happens tomorrow and Tuesday.

I keep reminding myself that we get rained out one weekend every January but still get bummed out when that weekend happens.

Oh well better days ahead.

Back in a day or two.


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