Monday, March 04, 2013

I'm not sure where January went but February went right behind it. It looks like we may get more snow in March then we did in January.  It continues to snow just flurries every day.  Not a lot just enough to keep everything fresh looking.

It would appear that we are going to have good snow for March break. 

Riders in today all said that the trails are in good shape.  It has been hard to get a definite answer to where the groomers are going, but it seems that they are going.  Two or three groups met up with groomers out this morning.

The roads and highways are clear and sometimes dry but the trails are well covered.

It was not very busy this weekend so it would seem that there is still lots of snow down south.  I may have to work on that problem this week. Hmmmmm

Here's a shout out to Uncle Buck.  I bet you wish you were here. He he he

Nothing new to add today.  Nothing exciting happened this weekend so that's it for now. 

I will be back after Wednesday with more snow updates.

Here's hoping some of you can make it up for great mid week riding.


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Anonymous said...

Do you know if the the sap is running yet?

Bill from eagle lake