Thursday, June 11, 2009

If it's daylight till 9:30 it must be June.

The longer days are great to see, but I'm getting tired of looking at them through the rain.

Just to let you know the black flies are happy now because the mosquitoes have also arrived so the have more company. I can hardly wait for the deer flies. Then the days will be complete.

On the upside the dragon flies are out now so the buffet is officially opened. Do your stuff guys, eat those bugs "til you can't eat no more". I want to see them all big and fat by the end of June.

It's still pretty quiet around the diner except for last Sunday when a group of 14 showed up for breakfast early and poor Pat B was on all by herself because the server wasn't in yet and neither was I. It was lucky that the other cook was in just having a coffee. She got roped in to helping out. But they both got a standing "O" from the crowd upon completion of their duties. It was a group of dirt bikers that had been camping out in the woods and riding for the weekend. They all lived in Toronto but were from Argentina. So for most of them there was a language problem. We will never know if they actually got what they ordered for breakfast but they went away happy and can't wait to come back again.

Here's hoping for some hot summer weather soon with lots of ATVer's, cottagers and tourists to enjoy it. The grey days are enough to drive me to drink and it's getting to be a short trip!!!

Have a great weekend and drop in if you are nearby. We are still doing the music on Saturday evenings from 6 to 9.