Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WHO TURNED DOWN THE HEAT? Just when mother nature spoiled us she had to go and pull the plug again. Drat!!!

However on the up side the ice went out of Mink Lake and Lake St. Peter last Sunday. The earliest that any one can remember it ever going out and Charlie Foster has been keeping records for 30 years. Needless to say I haven't seen any more mosquitoes this week.

The ATV's are starting to come out a little which is nice to see. No more dramatic rides for me yet but the season hasn't begun yet. Lots of time for foolishness.

On a scarey note we were on our usual Sunday trek around the hunt camp with the dogs when the beagle and the retriever got on the scent of something and went for a run. They didn't come back and hadn't been seen since. I was starting to fear the worst. They are usually back in an hour or two. The guys went out on the ATV's this morning to look through the bush in some of the harder to reach places. While I was updating I got a call that they found the retriever (I had to stop to go and pick him up). I am so grateful to all of the people that helped us by driving around the back roads and checking the property during the day. It sure isn't the same going for a walk in the morning without Buddy. I only hope that the find the beagle also. I will know later today.

I can't think of too much more to report.

Just a reminder of the ATV run here at the diner on April 28. It should be a good run. If you want more info or accommodation call us anytime. 613-338-3043 I hope some of you can make it up.

Back in a few days.


Friday, March 23, 2012

What a wonderful week we are having. I can't believe that two Saturdays ago we had sledders in all geared up and this week we have people in wearing shorts, tees and flip flops. Incredible!!!

I have started my research on the deck. I have good news and bad news. There are no black flies yet but I was bitten by a mosquito twice this week while sitting outside. The little beggers are everywhere, even in the middle of the day. And the house flies are coming out in herds both inside and out. At least they don't bite and are easy to swat.

I made and interesting discoverer this week. When I was at the sugar bush last weekend I was told that drinking maple sap was good for what ails you (if you know what I mean). So Kelly brought me up a jar this week to try. Well it has quite a nice mild taste to it. Knowing that I have a one track mind I thought if you added a shot of vodka to this it would be even better. Aha!! Kelly and I have now invented the Maple Martini. Two parts maple sap, one part vodka (or to taste), and a drop of maple syrup. Serve over ice or shake with crushed. It was delicious. That was when I got stung by the first mosquito. See what I go through for you people. The danger never ends.

It will be great to see the cottagers starting to come up soon. The ice on the lake is so black it should be out by next week. According to Charlie Foster who keeps records on this stuff, this will be the earliest its been out in many, many years. April 4 is the record so far. I will keep you updated. The driveways are drying up nicely and the tulips and daffodils are coming up. Yea!!

That's it for now. Hope we see you soon. It has been pretty quiet this week.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where the birdies is!!!

What a wonderful weekend and the week ahead looks even better.

I went for my first ATV ride on Sunday. It was a blast. There was still so much snow in the bush that you could have sledded. It is so nice to see spring trying to emerge. There was water running everywhere with the melting snow. Some times the back end of the bike didn't want to go in the same direction as the front and that made things interesting. I was glad to add the comic relief to the trip by hitting the ditch twice. I rolled it once and discovered that it is so much nicer to land in ditch full of snow rather than a ditch full of dirt, stones and water. My next ditching was more graceful. I just slipped off the trail in the soft snow and ended up more than knee deep in a big mud puddle disguised as a snow bank. Oh well the winch got me out no problem and we were on our way again. Brian now wants to ride behind me instead of in front because he misses all the entertainment. The upside was that there was no dust.

It amazing how quickly the bottom dropped out of snowmobiling. We were so busy two weekends ago with sledders and last weekend poof it's gone.

This great weather should dry everything up sooner rather than later. We were even able to rake a winters worth of dog poop from the back yard. Three trips to the bush with the wheel barrel. Next dog I get I will be scooping up after with a teaspoon and a soup can not a rake and a snow shovel!!!

The creeks are all running really fast and Boulter Lake Rd. is flooded over at the culvert. Even the dog didn't stay in the creek long this morning. The current was much stronger than on the weekend and it made him nervous.

Let's all think positive thoughts. If this heat wave would continue for a mere 60 or 75 more days we might not have any black flies this year. Not to worry though, I will still continue my research on the deck and give regular report.

Ah-hope springs eternal in my little mind and sometimes the sun is a different colour in my world. But I am not alone. I know there are others of you with me!!

Well that's it for my pears of wisdom for today.

Don't forget about our mud run on April 28. It should be fun.

Until next time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

That's all she wrote. The fat lady is singing. It's all over but the crying. That's all I can think of!!


The stakes were pulled off of Lake St. Peter yesterday. There is still a lot of snow around but the trails look like a bad skating rink. There were one or two sleds out yesterday but you would have to be right at the trail to start.

We had a great run once it started.

I would like to thank all the sledders that supported the diner all winter. Without you guys I wouldn't be open. Sledders are the best. Thank you for your patience when we got so busy we don't know if we were coming or going. I know that sometimes you have a long wait for meals when we get slammed and most often nothing is said (at least to my face). You are all pretty understanding.

Thank you also for all of the"atta girls" you give me for posting trail conditions. It is nice to know that people are reading the updates and it encourages me to continue. It is also nice to see just how many of you have a warped sense of humor just like myself.

I am hoping that with the double digit temps this week all of the snow will be gone. If you are coming to the cottage you will not be able drive in if you haven't had your driveway plowed this winter. If you did have it plowed there will most likely not be any snow in the driveway. It is leaving fairly quickly in the plowed areas.

We walked into the hunt camp on Sunday and when you go through the snow it is still up past your knees, higher if you are short!

When we went for our walk this morning the dog went into the creek for the first time. I'm not sure if it was by accident or on purpose but he wasn't long getting out. I tried to keep him out of the bedroom when we got back home but alas I didn't win that one and he was on the bed before I realized it and now the duvet is all wet and stinky. Will I never learn. I seem to say that a lot. Apparently I will never learn.

Don't forget our ATV mud run on April 28. It should be lots of fun.

Again thanks for a great season. I'll see some of you over the summer but I hope I see all of you next winter.

I will be back later in the week.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The 30% chance of flurries predicted for Friday was actually four inches of fluffy snow. Go figure. Driving conditions were horrible on Friday night, but then if you drove up to the cottage you would already know that.

The trails are still well covered with snow. It was -16 when blondie and I went for our walk this morning. It is a beautiful sunny day. A great sledding day.

Riders in yesterday were quite pleased with the trail conditions. The group that went to Pembroke and back yesterday said that things were good the whole way there and back.

The lakes are taking a beating though.

The groomers were not out yesterday but they will be out tonight.

I hope you all can get a last ride in this weekend just in case it is the last one. I will be back on Monday with more info.


Friday, March 09, 2012

Good News. All the riders in today say that the conditions in our area are quite good. No one is complaining. The hydro line to Haliburtion is not so good.

It is snowing and not just flurries. Yea!!! Come on up.
I had to go and jinx the whole season by saying in my last post that we haven't had spring like conditions yet.

Will I never learn. Tuesday's high temperatures caused a bit of a melt down and Wednesday's rain didn't help either. However it was -10 this morning when I went for my walk. The rail bed is frozen and icy with a little skiff of snow on top.

There were three riders in early this morning for breakfast. They wanted to be sure to get a ride in just in case things went for a crap later this week. No complaints. Things are still okay but it is icy. They were heading for Pembroke and will fill me in tomorrow when they get back.

We are expecting a little snow today and tomorrow. That should make a big difference. No grooming was done last night.

If you still want to get another ride in this would be the weekend. If it gets as mild as they are predicting next week that may be a problem. We all know that weather predictions are not the most reliable things so we will just see.

If I'm not back tomorrow nothing new has happened. I will be back Sunday for sure.

Have a great March break. I hope we see some of you over the next week.


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The cold temperatures are keeping the trails in great condition. One mild day and one day of rain is expected this week but even that shouldn't have a very big effect on the trails with the condition they are in now.

Keeping in mind that a long range forecast is about 15 minutes into the future up here. Anything can happen by Wednesday.

The groomers were out last night and again this morning. I haven't had any riders in yet today to ask about other areas but there were riders in from Haliburton yesterday that said it was perfect from here to there.

So nothing new to add, no touching stories and the only bonehead play last week was made by me when I left a beautiful pot of beef barley soup on the burner, got busy serving and forgot about it. Pat B the cook noticed it when it started to smell burnt. Oh well, dump that batch. That is why I was in at 6:30 Saturday, to make a new pot of soup for the day.

Just a reminder to sledders that there is an ATV Mud Run at the diner on April 28. So if you like mud, and you like to have fun come on out. It is a great day. Good ride, good food, good fun, good prizes, good company!!! I hope you can join us.

I will be back Thursday morning to let you know what the weather is doing.

Here's hoping we get another couple of weeks of great riding. I haven't even had to use the term "spring like conditions" yet. Yea!!! Well I hardly consider -24 (which it was again this morning) spring like but that may be just me. Others may disagree.

I hope to see you soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The sledding continues to be great. We had a big storm on Friday night and Saturday. Probably six to eight inches and it is lightly snowing again this morning.

The groomers continue to do a fabulous job keeping the trail is tip top shape.

I had to go over to Angus/Alliston on Saturday and I'm off to Oshawa this morning for the day so I won't see much of the diner this weekend. It was a busy day Saturday and we are expecting another one today.

On a sad note I was told by some sledders that a rider lost control on the rail bed between Whitney and Madawaska yesterday and had to be air lifted out to Ottawa. No other details but we sure hope that he is okay.

Looking ahead weather wise for next week it is getting really cold-down to -20 at night and below zero every day. So if you are planning on riding next week no worries. The snow will be here and so will we.

I'll end now so that I can spend another 6 or 7 hours in the car again today-yea!! The bonus today is that I get to see grandkids so it's all worth it.

I will be back either Monday or Tuesday to keep reminding you that there are lots of good sledding days left. Ride safe and keep it between the trees.

Hope we see you soon.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

March may be coming in like a lion, but it is a gentle lion. We had some snow yesterday and more again today. It has been snowing for a few hours now. Enough to get Kevin Frankish and Frankie whatshisname all pumped up and dramatic. It always gives me a chuckle when they get in hysterics over a little weather. Living here you just take it all in stride. It's just another day in paradise, ooh I think I just gagged a little there.

I know I have said this before and February was a good sledding month but conditions this week have been fabulous. Regular snow falls and grooming done every other day. Without question the next few days (maybe weeks) will be some of the best riding you will ever do. I feel confident that good conditions will continue through the March break.

I braved the elements and took blondie out for a walk again today just to see first hand if the trails had been groomed. Now I didn't walk all the way to Whitney or Bancroft, I'm not that much of a sport but I did go far enough to see that the groomers went both ways last night. Even with the snow falling this morning it was a nice day only -4 this morning compared to -15 yesterday morning. I should be getting an atta-girl for all of the research I'm doing.

Although checking things out first hand is useful it is not as fulfilling as the black fly report. Those of you that only read the blog for snow conditions have no idea of the personal sacrifice I make in order to keep readers updated on the black flies. I selflessly take a glass of wine, sit on the back deck and see how long I can last until the black flies chase me into the house. Once I get at least 3/4 of a glass or more consumed most cottagers know that it is safe to venture up again. Now if I get to finish the Toronto Star crossword and have a couple of glasses things are A okay!! I have had to train in the house on occasion when it has been raining for days on end. But you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

That's it for today. I shouldn't have to update of Friday if things stay the same because it can't get any better. On the off chance that we get rain or freezing rain I will update.

I hope you get a chance to come riding again.