Monday, October 12, 2009

I can't believe it's over!!!

I'm not sure where June and July went but with the amount of food I ate Sunday it would appear that Ocotber is over because that must have been Thanksgiving Dinner.Thanksgiving weekend arrived so quickly, it's hard to believe that it is here and gone. We didn't even get the decorations up this year.

What a great weekend. Lots of people around. Lots of ATVer's which we haven't seen for awhile. The rail bed has been graded so it is much nicer to ride on. Two riders that live on Baptiste Lake said that it is the nicest it's been for a long time.

The bow hunt for moose seemed quite successful for a few that were by. Partridge are still scarce but we did have a nice feed of Partridge nuggets as an appitizer before the turkey. YMMM.

Mother nature is still the same old B**CH she has always been. It has snowed about 3 times in the last week. Nothing that stays too long but just enough to know what is lurking around the corner.

I was finally able to get my router replaced (it was less than 1 year old). So it is easier to use the internet now. We were the redneck internet cafe for a while. You had to plug your laptop directly into the modem which is behind the bar near the beer storage. So you used the beer cases for a desk and pulled up a chair. Most people were good about it. They would have a beer, glass of wine or a coffee while checking things out. It looked pretty funny

After the week from hell last weekend things are getting back to normal. The compressor in the walk in cooler blew during the ATV run last weekend. This caused pump issues which in turn caused the coffee maker, ice machine and hot chocolate machine to break down. Most items are up and running as good as new now. The sign is fixed after Helen the evening servier backed into it, but I still haven't replaced the half dozen wine glasses that she broke the same night.

Thanks to Jim, Wayne and the rest of the guys for fixing the sign on your way out. Brian M. good plan staying in the washroom until the repairs were over. No flies on you!!!

Well that's it for today. Trail permits are available if you want to buy them early. $200.00 before Dec 1, $220.00 after that. The extra money charged this year ($20.00) goes directly to the club the permit was purchased from not to the OFSC. So that is good.

It's pretty quite these days so if nothing much is happening I won't post. Frankly I have had enough excitement around here for awhile.