Monday, August 31, 2009

If you go out in the woods today ........

Here is a little sample of what is hanging around in the woods. Tomorrow is the first day of the Bear Hunt and this is a shot from my son-in-laws bear cam. He has a couple of big ones hanging around. He has also set up a bait for my daughter. She has three hanging around her spot.

Most of the hunters have arrived in the area and the big hunt will be on. I don't know if my daughter will have the heart to actually shoot or not but we will see soon enough. They are taking part of tomorrow off work to hunt. I will update if anything exciting happens.

Buddy is stealing the pail that dinner was in.

It is getting cold now. Some of the folks have closed up their cottages already and headed home. It makes you feel kind of sad. The long weekend just about here so I guess a bunch more will be heading out soon. The bugs have finally left also so i guess that is the good part. There have not been many ATVer's out lately. So I'm guessing that you will all head back once the little darlings are back to school.
I had a great trip to Maui and now it is back to reality. It sure would have been nice to take that trip in the cold weather but you've got to go when the goings good.
Well back to the grind. It's coming up dinner time. But being Monday I won't be to hectic.
I'll update after the weekend.