Thursday, April 25, 2013

It was a very rude awakening this morning to wake up to snow again!!!!!  Rain most of all day yesterday then snow.  When will it ever end so that spring can arrive.  It's sunny and lovely now but there is still snow on the ground.  Grrrrr

The loons have been spotted on Mink Lake so maybe they know something that we don't know or maybe they are just as shocked as the rest of us.

Bancroft and the surrounding area is getting back to normal.  The waters are ebbing and there is less flooding.  The schools that were closed are back in today and all the business in town are back open again as is the main street.

All of the washouts on lake roads have been repaired at least temporarily so you can get to your cottage.  Your driveway might be another story but at least you can get there.

The geese have been squawking and frolicking in the pond next door for a couple of weeks now.  They start at about 5:30.  But things have been very quiet the last day or two.  Hmm.  There may have been some shinanagins going on.  There were only eight last week but there may be 38 in a few weeks!

Once again a reminder that I had to cancel the mud run for this weekend.  All those bikes would ruin the snowmobile trails and you can't get through the secondary trails well enough.  Sorry.

On a sad note the young burn victim, Austin Chapleau passed away last night after complications from his injuries.  Our small community is all very saddened by this and from all the posts on Face book everyone is feeling a little more grateful for all that we have today.  The family still has a long road ahead of them.

Nothing more to chat about today.  Lets hope that the nice weather stays as little green things are popping up in the garden. Don't know what they are but they are popping anyway.

Back soon

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Anonymous said...

Any thoughts of rescheduling the ATV Mud run?