Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I finally drummed up enough energy to haul my carcass out of the house a go for a walk the last two days. They rail bed across from the diner has been so well groomed that there isn't a highway in Ontario that is in better shape. It was so well set this morning that I didn't even leave footprints on the frozen snow while walking. No wonder you speed on the straight stretches. How could you not!!!

All of the groomers were out again last night. They went to Whitney, Baptiste Lake and Martin's Mill. They had gone to Bancroft earlier on Monday and there were not many sledders out yesterday. Just a few couples, a few singles and one group of four. It would have been a great day. Most riders had not seen a soul all day.

The cold weather is continuing and we had snow Sunday night and Monday. More is expected tomorrow. It may have been +10 in Toronto yesterday but it certainly wasn't plus anything up here and isn't today either.

Yes Wayne did buy a permit last weekend. There is a shortage of 3 day permits. Not everyone is getting them. The clubs have a hard time getting enough from the OFSC which is frustrating especially if you do only get out once or twice a year. It would be nice if everyone that sells permits could keep 3 days in stock then we wouldn't have this very situation all the time.

That's it for today. I will be back on Thursday with an update on weather. No need for trail reports they just keep grooming almost every day. You must admit the club is doing a fantastic job this year.

Hope the rest of your week is good and we see you on the weekend.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just another day in snowmobiling paradise. Quite cold and sunny, sunny, sunny. Unfortunately because of the big storm on Friday the groomers were not able to go out on Friday night.

Thankfully they were all out last night so all of the trails are groomed up nicely today. When Shelia came into work today there wasn't a mark on the rail bed. It was just like a table top. Oooo wouldn't you like to be the first one up this morning.

The OPP were out in force yesterday. I guess there is no where else to be. Not too many bad stories except for Wayne from Blackstock. I guess this was an expensive weekend for you and I bet you will buy a permit next year!!! However they may have gone a little over the top with you.

Not much else to report except that if you have Monday and Tuesday off you know where you should be.

More snow expected almost every day next week so the weekend should be another good one.

Hope you get out for another ride.

I'll be back Monday or Tuesday.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rewind and play. I feel like I am repeating myself.

All of the groomers were out again last night. We had another little skiff of snow again last night with more expected tomorrow. It is beautiful today, sunny and mild. A great day for sledding.

Trails are all in good shape. Not too many riders out this week so they are holding out well.

I am noticing smaller groups this week twos and fours instead of eights and tens.

That's it for today.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well there is good news and there is bad news. No wait, no bad news only good. Yea!!!

The groomers were out on Monday night and Tuesday morning. All of the trails are groomed up nicely. There wasn't too much traffic yesterday so I am guessing that they would have held up. We had about two inches of snow last night and more is expected for today. That will help a lot.

The MLSS had another successful poker run on the weekend and there were lots of riders around all weekend.

I am probably the only one that can see the upside to breakdowns. When someone limps in or gets towed in they have to wait quite a while for their friends to ride back to the truck and come back for them. This means better sales for me because they always have a bite to eat and a beer or two while they are waiting. So I guess every cloud does have a silver lining. Sometimes they are quite entertaining while they are here. So if you are going to break down let it happen near the diner. We will look after you.

Shamus from the Lake St. Peter General Store and Gas Station just up the road from us has a large parking lot. He told me yesterday that anyone needing a place to park your truck and trailer for the day or a few days you are welcome to park there at no charge. This also eliminates the ride up the rail bed from Bancroft and gets you into the bush trails sooner.

So from where I am everything is looking good. There hasn't been anyone in yet to ask about conditions. I will check and post sometime tomorrow.

Hope your week is going well. See you soon.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Here is a quick update.

We had more snow than rain today along with a little snow yesterday.

The trails are all groomed up nicely. A couple rode over from Haliburton this morning. They said that the trail through the park was perfect as well as all the other trails on the way. In fact the wife was giving him trouble for driving so fast but he said he couldn't help himself the conditions were too good. Oh Bobby you are always getting into trouble.

All other riders were saying the same thing. So it's looking good for the weekend. A little more snow is expected tomorrow and then sunny and cold all weekend.

I'm sure the phone systems should be fixed by the weekend but no credit or debit transactions have been possible all over the area today because of a line problem in the Bellville area. Just be aware in case it's not fixed by tomorrow.

Well that's it for today. I have to dash off to snooker.

I hope we see you over the weekend. Have a great long weekend.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Flag Day!!! Who knew? The things you learn watching Breakfast Television.

I little snow fell overnight and is still falling now. Not enough to have the lot plowed but enough to cover the dog poop in the back yard. (Not looking forward to spring.) It looks like it might snow for most of the day. We'll see.

The guys from the trailer park rode over to Pembroke for lunch yesterday and said that it was a great ride for almost all of the way. A small section of road riding about half way was thin but other than that it's all good.

All riders in yesterday were commenting on how well groomed the trails were. We even had a couple in from Muskoka that were over here because they didn't have enough snow where they live. They had just bought a new sled and were anxious to ride.

I was told that the trail through the park was "a little chunky" on Monday but I haven't heard if it has been groomed since. I will inquire today and find out.

The trails will be kept in tip top shape this week not only because of the long weekend but because this is the Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers annual poker run. This is their only fund raiser for the year so if you get a chance please come out and support them. The volunteers do a wonderful job and work tirelessly all year long. Even if you don't ride stop by and buy a hand to help out.

I will be back later in the week with a snow update before the weekend. Gotta go sleds are coming in already.

Hope we see you soon.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wow we are half way through February already. This year is starting off at break neck speed.

We had another great sledding weekend and it's starting out to be a great week. Sunny and cool today it was a fab day for sledding.

All the groomers were out this morning and I just saw one go down the rail bed again now. So they should have every trail done by tonight.

Not too many in today but everyone was in good humor because all the trails were just done.

We had a bit of snow over the weekend but not much. Later in the week is iffy but we will wait because I'm sure things will change by Wednesday.

I can't believe how good everyone is behaving this year, except for Bill who was going to be really late for a dinner date on Saturday night when he hadn't left here by 4:00 and had to get to Minden. I hope your wife took it well. There have not been any bone head plays or exciting stories to retell yet this year. My goodness can some one get out there and do something foolish that will give us all a chuckle. I miss Jim and Brian.

Nothing else new to report. I will be back most likely Wednesday to pass on how the weather has been.

Have a great week.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The great weather continues. It's nice to see the sun, but it would be nicer to see the sun after a big snowfall. Oh well I guess you can't have good looks and brains too!

We are expecting snow Friday and Saturday.

Three groomers were out last night and the Paudash club had their groomers out also. Riders in yesterday that had come across the hydro line from Haliburton said the trail was like a table top, just groomed.

The trail to Pembroke is good and they have lots of snow. The trail from Barry's Bay to Combermere could use some more snow, there are some rocks and thin patches showing.

Tuesday's snow didn't amount to much so I am hoping the next few days of snow will fix that.

Nothing new to poke fun at and no touching stories so I'll end now to get ready for the lunch crowd. Come on in.

Hope to see you this weekend.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

We had another great sledding weekend. All trails were groomed as best as they could be. The groomers have been out every day. I even won $15.00 on the super bowl. Sorry Frank you didn't win any squares on the football pool.

Our partly sunny day has turned into flurries now so a little extra snow will be good. It looks like it may last a while. The mild temps yesterday were not enough to cause any loss of snow.

Lake St. Peter was staked on the weekend I haven't heard about Baptiste yet.

There have been lots of riders in doing overnight runs the last few days.

If there is any doubt about how much snow is in the bush I am here to tell you that there is lots!!! We often take a walk into the hunt camp on Sundays to give the dogs a run. So we headed in last Sunday. The big guy thought he would take the snow shoes for a change. I opted to just slog through the snow. It's a 12 km hike into the camp, oh no wait it's a 1/2 km hike it just feels like 12 when you are built close to the ground and the snow is half way up to your ying yang. All was going well until the big guy decided to take a "short cut" and then had a snow shoe malfunction. I thought of leaving him there until spring but thought that would be mean so I make my way over to help. There was much flopping and grunting and way too much giggling but we eventually got him upright then he had to help me get up. Thank goodness the kids and granddaughter were well behind us. That would have led to pointing and laughing and photos posted on facebook by now. That was our first hike in for this winter so needless to say I had some aching body parts on Monday and my daughter used the snowshoes on the way out. Oh well another chapter in the book.

Here is a shout out too the group from Ayr that was in last week. Nice to meet new people you were a great bunch. I hope we see you again.

And a shout out to John from Syracuse. Nice to meet you also. Your wife must be the luckiest girl in the world to have a guy like you. (No bribing was used in this shout out.)

I will post later about how much snow we get today and any other words of wisdom that I may have.

Until then all I can say is the grooming is consistent and the riding is good.

Hope to see you soon.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Holy Moly did everyone have today off work. We have never been this busy on a weekday before. It was crazy but good. Poor Pat in the kitchen, her cheeks were just glowing!!!

We haven't had any new snow but we haven't lost any either. No rain and the temperature is staying below zero.

Two of the groomers are out today but two were broken down the last couple of days. I hope they are back up by the weekend.

Some of the guys were out all day today brushing the trail to Madawaska to clear away the trees. They didn't finish until really late so I didn't find out if they finished or not.

Now I have a moral dilema. Charlie Foster just had a great-granddaughter born this week and he wants to go to Ottawa to visit for the weekend. Now Charlie plows about 65 driveways when it snows. He was pretty pooped last weekend when he had to do them all twice because it snowed so much. So here is the problem. He feels that I am responsible for the amount of snowfall because I am always doing the snow dance and he has asked me to hold off for the weekend so that he doesn't have to come back early. He even bought me a large bottle of wine so that if I feel the need to bring on the snow I should just open the wine and drink half. If the feeling hasn't passed I am to finish the other half. Now what's a girl to do. I would really like to see more snow but I would also like to see Charlie have a nice weekend. Oh hell I'll just drink the wine and hope for snow on Sunday night or Monday morning.

The trails still look good at the road crossings.

I will post tomorrow if I find out anything new.

That's it for now. I opened today at 6:30 so I am going home to crash on the couch.

Hope to see you all on the weekend.