Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Thank goodness for -10. It is balmy out. However this does mean more snow and snowing it is. 3-5 inches has fallen since noon is today.

The trails are in mint shape. Oops except for one little snag. Beware if you are heading out on B106E. The groomer is broken down just north of Hybla Rd. It will be repaired sometime tomorrow.  Please take care.

The new snow and freezing rain (sort of) will make things even better  the road crossings are good and side roads are great.

The longer days are awesome and you can now feel the heat from the sun.

And now for my first bone head play of the season. Who knew that you can not vacuum over boot laces while they are still attached to the boots. True story. The dust flies and then the house smells funny. Luckily no more vacuuming can be done after that.  Perhaps some day I'll be house broken but I'm not holding out hope.

Here's hoping that you can sneak away for a mid week ride while things are quiet. If not head up this way on the weekend. It will be great.