Saturday, January 19, 2013

Okay.   I tried and I failed.  Even my daughter tried and she failed.  I did as I was asked, I took pictures and tried to load them on the blog to show all of the naysayers that we really do have snow.  But could I figure out how to post them. NO!!!!!! We tried and tried.

So just believe me.  It snowed last night and again today and it will again tonight.  We have snow, the trails are in good shape and there are riders out there.  This is a perfect weekend because that trails will not be busy at all.

So for the guy who thinks that I should mount a web cam on the diner give your head a shake.  I can barely sync my iPhone to my iPad and the computer. How in HELL would I ever figure out how to install a web cam.  Sheesh.  If you want a web came out there someone had better step up to the plate and do it for me because that is not on my bucket list!!!!

Here's a shout out to the dingbat that caught up to the groomer last week.  Keep off the trail when you are driving in your truck.  This a recreational trail not a side road.  I hope you enjoyed the ride following the groomer at 6 or 7 kms per hour to the next crossroad where you could get off.  You really can't fix stupid.

Just chatting with Stu and Joe (from Sledarama).  They had just ridden up from Bird's Creek and around the forest access roads.  They said that the trails were great and in excellent shape. So load 'em up and get on up here.

Hope to see you all soon.


Peter (from Oshawa) said...

Awesome update! Happy to hear that the snow has returned and things are looking up! :) ( if I could only shake this cold that's been running through the household, I could get out of the house and ride!).

As for your picture posting problem, have you considered moving your blog onto a site like Facebook? Not that I'm a Facebook junkie or anything, BUT, it is simple enough to use, and it's easy to post pictures, etc. It's also easy for people to leave comments and stuff (instead of trying to read the "prove you're not a robot" code!!!) ..... AND you could then get to know WHO your followers are! It would also be a really great way of promoting the diner as well, all year round, since FB allows people to "like" your page, and then their friends see that, etc., etc.

...........just a suggestion! :)

Sherri said...

I was about to suggest the same thing or maybe even Twitter ? Not hard to post photos there, either.