Sunday, March 27, 2011

It was a pretty quiet week around the old diner last week. Not much shaking around town.

We still have way too much snow for my liking. On Saturday our first customers came from Harcourt by ATV and the next group through the door came by snowmobiles. It's that time of year again.

There have been many beautiful sunny days but it is darn cold. If it doesn't warm up this snow will be here until May or June!!!! I think that I am even looking forward to the black flies (easy to say now) and not just to get the wine on the deck black fly report started. But at least that means summer is not too far away.

I will not be doing an ATV run this spring but the one at High Country will be the third Saturday in April.

Not much else to gab about today so I will be back later next week. Brian M is finally back from working away for a couple of months. Maybe he and Jim will do something entertaining that will give me a chuckle. They have started a DYI project at Jim's cottage, that should be interesting.

Have a great week.

Friday, March 18, 2011

What a difference 12 hours makes. When I went over to the house last night about 6 pm the parking lot was covered in snow and ice the trail was good and there was three inches of water on the path from the garage to the house. But with the mild temperatures, a night of rain and a warm wind it is almost gone. The water has all but dried up.

I just talked to Russ that had ridden down from Mckenzie Lake and he said that the rail bed was good and there is still a lot of snow in the bush and the back yard behind be. I know this because I cut through it to take the dog for a walks and I am knee deep in snow trying to get to Boulter Lake Rd.

The stakes have been removed from both Baptiste and Lake St. Peter and Mink is open in the usual places. So any long rides may not be a good choice but if you just want to bomb around your property or through the bush it should be no problem.

Now if we are not going to get any more snow and the season has to end I hope that the snow just all goes away and we can jump right into spring and get out the ATV's. I hardly used mine last year and I am looking forward to some riding this year.

It looks like it will be a great weekend to get away to the cottage this weekend. Great weather, longer days and relaxing. Hope we see you.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's still looking good. Trails are holding up. A mild afternoon yesterday softened things up but a cold night fixed that.

No rain today, possibly tomorrow. Sunny and cold on the weekend. I'll let you know.

Off to town on an errand.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We have had lots of riders enjoying the spring like conditions. It's nice to go home at night and it is still light out. The trails are in good shape. Groomers were out on Monday night. Riders in this morning say that there are no dirt patches and only the odd rough spots in the usual places.

It was supposed to rain today but so far we have had only snow. It looks like it may snow for awhile. It has been coming down pretty steady for a couple of hours now.

Not too many families around for the March Break. I hope you are all sunning your buns down south, not just hanging out on the couch. The dollar at nearly par makes traveling look pretty inviting.

Other than that nothing new or exciting this week. I will be back if the snow turns to rain and I'll be pissed if no one comes sledding because the weather man called for rain and it snowed again. What a wonderful job. You can go to work every day, screw up constantly, still get paid at the end of the week and the public still loves you!!!! I think when I grow up I want to be a weatherman.

Back soon

Monday, March 14, 2011

All and all it was a pretty good sledding weekend. We had a fair amount of riders in both Saturday and Sunday. Not as many families as I expected being the start of March Break.

So where are we now? The temperature dropped overnight, the groomers were out, the rail bed looks like a table top. It is cold and very sunny today but tomorrow may not be as nice.

There is still a ton of snow in the bush and I know this first had because we walked into the hunt camp again yesterday. We usually go on Sunday afternoons to let the dogs have a run. I'm just saying that it is easier for a 20 lb beagle to run on top of the snow than it is for a hefty old bag to slog through it. I think it is about a1 km hike in and 10 kms out. I ask myself about half way in why we keep doing this. I also don't know why they keep laughing at me when I fall down and look like a turtle on it's back when I try to get up. My daughter starts throwing snow on top of me like you would a whale beached on the shore. She says she doesn't want to see me dry out before I'm rescued!!!

If we get rain any day this week I will update. It looks like the week may be warming up.

That's it for now. I'm on by myself all day because the cook has been on vacation.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday again already. A quick update.

Getting colder, a little skiff of snow last night and this morning. More expected Sunday also.

Riders in this morning came from Harcourt said that the trail is a little bumpy but otherwise conditions are good. There is still lots of snow. They were pleased with their ride.

This time last year the snow was all gone and we had ATV's in. I guess we are lucky to be sledding at all.

Here's hoping you can get out for one more ride.

Back soon.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The good news is the tsunami did not hit Lake St. Peter, the bad news is the rain did!!!

We have had two days of off and on drizzle. Not a big downpour just steady drizzle. The parking lot is like a skating rink. We still have a crap load of snow so when the rain stops the sledding can continue.

There is to be some snow or rain tomorrow, the powers that be have not decided which way to go. The temperature is dropping already today.

I can't update tonight because of commitments but I will be back tomorrow morning with what happened overnight. The old measuring stick is still standing upright in the snow on the picnic table. I would check the depth of the snow if I didn't think that I would break my beak getting there. I am having the parking lot sanded this morning.

To answer anonymous I can't say how much rain fell other than too much. I will check with Charlie Foster the resident weather watcher for the exact amount.

To Bill from Eagle Lake. Way back before my time the village was called Porterville. Named after the MP or MPP (I can't remember which) at the time. The lake and the train station were always called Lake Saint Peter, so in 1941 it was decided to rename the village to be the same as the lake and station. So just for historical sake I decided to name the diner The Porterville Diner. I does make a good topic for conversation.

Hope things clear up. Back tomorrow

Thursday, March 10, 2011

As promised we got about eight inches of snow yesterday. It is mild today and trying to drizzle rain. It is really damp out. Snow conditions are still great. It was a heavy wet snow so it will be sticky.

Buses were canceled today because of the conditions.

So far so good for today. I will be back tomorrow morning with more info.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Monday and Tuesday were the best riding days this year according to everyone in yesterday.

The trails are groomed up pretty well. The whining has started already because they are not like a paved highway. Think back to a week ago and count your blessings for haven sakes.

Nothing new has happened since Sunday that's why I haven't updated. SO to the guy that was crabbing to Helen on Sunday that I don't update enough (even though I explained my absence) keep in mind that this is a blog not face book. I only update when it snows, rains or something exciting happens. I don't "update my status every time I shower and wash my hair".

We are expecting a fair amount of snow tonight but we will just have to wait and see. Usually the more that is predicted the less it falls. Again my sinus barometer is telling me that something will fall and it wasn't the wine this time.

Here is a shout out to the skidder burger guys that were in yesterday from the Picton area. I hope your ride went well. Thanks for checking out the blog and dropping in. This proves that visual aides work. They came up because of the pictures that were posted. Now I am going go have to figure out how to do this myself!!!

I have noticed on the sitemeter that most visits are between 8 am and 10 am. This wouldn't mean that you are checking us out on company time would it????? Well frankly I don't care where and when you check it out just keep on checking!!

Back tomorrow with the snowfall report.


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wow! What a weekend we are having weather wise. Probably the biggest snowfall so far this winter. And the rains down south scared everyone away.

We have had about 12 inches of snow this weekend with a couple of hours of rain in between.

Below are some pics from today to show how much snow we have had. It looks like I am really smart and know how to do all this neat computer stuff. Actually my daughter came for breakfast and did it for me. Thanks Lisa.

We had our two youngest sledders in this weekend. Connor and Noah were on their first boys weekend with their dads. The toddlers captured the hearts of everyone in the diner, guests and staff alike. A good time was had by all and it looks good on Hoppy who wimped out on a great sledding weekend because he thought it was going to rain. Next time put your big boy panties on, load up your sled and join the group. Don't be shown up by two toddlers!!!!!

Shelia, thanks for the great comments. Sorry I missed you last week. You had just left when I got back from town. I hope you get one more ride this winter and get to stop in.

I used the trusty yard stick to measure the snow on the picnic table this morning. It was a big reach when you are built close to the ground. It is showing 12 inches deep but the snow is really heavy so more may have fallen. The banks are getting high like they should be and the road crossings are looking much better.

Let's hope this says around for a while. Here's hoping you can get up for some mid week riding while the trails a quiet and in great shape.

That's it for today, back in a day or two.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Just a quick update before the weekend.

It was minus 29 at 5:15 this morning and it was still minus 29 when I came to work at 6:30. Needless to say the trail conditions are remaining the same.

I didn't see the groomer go by yesterday but all riders in said that the trails are in great shape with the new snow. The lake crossings are all good. We had a bit more snow on Wednesday morning other than that it has been sunny and cold. Great sledding weather.

It's nice to see the days getting longer and the snowbanks getting higher.

We seemed to have dodged a bullet in the OPP department also. I haven't seen or heard of any in the area since the dreaded Madawaska Cup weekend. I guess they have rocks in other parts of the province to crawl out from under.

Nothing more to say about conditions. This will be my last post until at least Sunday. My younger sister, being the slow learner that she is, is getting married again on Friday night. So I will be leaving the hustle and bustle of LSP to join in the festivities with my brothers and other sister. Yee Haw she says with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

I hope you can make it up on the weekend for some great riding.
Back Sunday-or maybe Monday.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I love those cold sunny days after a snowfall.

The temperature was minus 22 this morning when I got up at 6:00 but was up to a balmy minus 17 when I left the house at 8:30 so I don't think anything will be melting any time soon.

The groomer went north to Whitney and south to I don't know where (probably Bancroft) on Monday night. It went south again this morning about 8:00 somewhere else!!!

So it looks like we are back in business again.

That's all the good news I have for today. There is no point in blathering on.

Keep snowy thoughts