Friday, April 04, 2014

The Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers may have officially closed the trails today but sledding has not officially stopped.

We have had sledders in every day this week and more in today than some days in January.

Yes things are not perfect but there is still a lot of snow in the bush.  The road crossings are getting very large.

So you decide.  Can you get one last ride in or is it time to call it a season?

I love sledders, almost all of you, I truly do.  But I am ready to call it a season.  I'm looking forward to grass, mud and black flies.

Having said that if you are still out and about we will still be here.  If not is was a great sledding year, pack 'em away and get out your flip flops.

To any of the cottagers just a sad note that the roof at the West Pines (Orioles Nest) caved in last Saturday.  Demolition has begun as the building was destroyed.  So things will look differently this summer. WHERE WILL WE GET OUR ICE CREAM!!!!!

The diner will be open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday regular hours all weekend.  See you then. 

I am off to the sunny south for a week leaving on Monday so I won't be back at all before the 16th of April. We will be open 7 -2 weekdays all day on weekends.

Keep safe.