Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's bloody cold. I had icicles on my eyebrows when I got home from my walk this morning.  -minus 27 does not feel as nice as +27.
The good news is the groomers were out today.  The better news is the sleds were out also.

Haven't had anyone in yet to check on the conditions. Did I mention that it is bloody freezing and snowing again.

To anonymous who wants the web cam and measure stick. If I promised that last year I was either humouring you or drunk or possibly both.

If you want a web cam then buy one, mount it and maintain it.  I am so sick of electronics screwing that I am about to resort to a crayon, paper and a rotary dial phone!!!  As for the measuring stick no problem.  No problem taking the pictures but if I hold the phone up to the computer screen will you see the pics because I'm no hell at trying to load them either. You may just have to take me at my word forever.  Have I let you down yet. I THINK NOT.

That's it for now. Frankly I think that I have outdone myself this week.

Hope you can get an early season ride in soon.

Back sooner than later :)
Cheers Nancy

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