Tuesday, June 05, 2012

You can tell by my lack of posting that nothing too exciting has happened lately. 

I don't consider having to turn on the furnace in June exciting.  I find it annoying.  How can it be plus 30 for days and then 10 one day later.  As much as I don't like the rain it was well needed and seems to be over now.  Everything looks so much fresher and clean after it rains. The dust was awful it had been so dry.

The black flies are not too bad.  It was a pretty light year for them.  They do however seem to like me more than ever this year so I am not as upbeat about them as everybody else.  It is safe to come back now though.  I was doing some yard work last weekend (stop laughing, I made an effort) and they didn't bother me until I moved a small pile of dead weeds and grass.  That was it for me I had to quit.

Our little moose that was living in the swamp down by Madawaska Rd.  got hit by a car on Saturday night so we won't have him to watch any more. 

I am convinced that the squirrel that is cleaning out my bird feeder is on crack.  He continues to amuse all with his antics.  He broke into the garage and ate through a rubbermaid tub to get straight to the stash.  You should see how anxious he gets when he goes to the garage and finds the door closed!!

If anyone lost the seat off their ATV  call the diner.  On was found on Hwy 127 on Saturday.  It looks like it may have blown off the bike while it was on the trailer.

The music is back on Saturday nights.  If you are around and looking for something to do come out and join us for a drink.

That's it for now.  The Sysco truck just showed up.  I'll bet he wants money too.