Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OK so they have officially stopped grooming but they have not stopped riding.

We had two sledders in today that had ridden up from Benoir Lake. Now they left their sleds over on the other side of the road to come in for lunch but they still came in. Trails are still good but so is the weather.  It hasn't snowed much this week and even if it does it will not improve things much.

So it may be all over but the crying.  If you are coming up for the weekend you can still putter around the neighbourhood and play.  The days are great and there is still lots of snow.  Great for keeping the drinks cold in "the big fridge".  There is nothing like a snowbank outside the back door to keep the frosty beverages cold.

Here's a shout out to Doug and Pete (the old fart).  I just wanted to let you know that Rod was in today.  I opened a brand new bottle of red wine for him and there is still lots left for you two.  Good thing I drink white or you might be out of luck again!!!

I will be back with a weather report for the weekend on Thursday.  We will be open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday with music on Saturday night from 6:30 to 9:30.

Hope you can make it in.

Going home for dinner in a bit, just finishing up with the last customers.  What kind of an idiot can burn dinner in a crock pot-Oh wait that was me.  So now for plan B for dinner.  I'm thinking Doritos and wine but hoping it's something better when I get home in a little while.

Back later

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