Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We dodged a bullit today. Snow this morning, no rain, no freezing rain, just a great day.

The groomers just went out a little while ago. Trails are great.

That's it, that's all I came to work at 8:00 this morning, it's 7:30 now and I am going home to make dinner. I will blather on another day.


Monday, January 30, 2012

It sure wasn't as busy this weekend and it was last weekend. Did the bad weather scare everyone away. We did get a blast of snow this weekend. A loaf for sure (see Jan 17 for measuring info).

I had to have the lot plowed both Saturday and Sunday. It should have been done this morning also but I just wore my boots to work instead.

I had to go to town first thing this morning and it was so cold that the inside of my windows didn't defrost. It reminded me of my college days driving my little green VW in the winter and scraping the windows at the same time. Now how many of you are smiling and nodding because you did the same thing? Well it did eventually warm up today but not much.

The groomers left town in every direction this morning. Riders in today (and there were quite a few) said that most trails were in good shape and of course the freshly groomed ones were great.

The weather for the next day is not going to be very good. It's snowing again now and we have enough snow that a little rain won't hurt it but it may not be good riding Tuesday. If I get time I will give quick update about the weather. If not I will be back Wednesday some time.

Here's a shout out to the guys from Pennsylvania nice to see you again. The couple that you met at the Granite on the weekend were in today. They think you are great. Well, we already knew that.

Not much else new today. No bone head plays or touching stories today.

Back soon.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

If you are not out sledding today you are missing a great day. The first sleds were out at 6:45 this morning. Where in hell would you be going at 6:45, it's still dark for heavens sake. That is some serious sledding!!!

The groomers were all out again Friday night so the trails should be tip top today (until about 3:00).

We are as well prepared as we can be and hoping for a replay of last Saturday.

Have a great weekend and if you can make it Sunday that would be great.

That's it for now.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's been pretty good sledding week this week. Even with the rain on Monday. There have been riders in every day saying that all the trails are good. We got a lot of snow on Tuesday.

On Monday a small group rode over to Haliburton through the park and said it was great because it had just been groomed the night before. I don't know how it would be today but it wasn't that busy this week. I will try to find someone that has been that way.

All four groomers were out yesterday and last night so all the trails in our area are well groomed. The one down the back side of LSP is being done this morning for the first time. That is the one that is always last to be done until there is enough snow. Well I guess there is enough snow now.

Lake St. Peter and Baptiste are not staked yet because of the slush. At this late stage it seems pointless to do it but who knows.

All the riders in this morning said that trail conditions were excellent. It has been great weather the last couple of days cold but not too bad and sunny. Great riding weather. More snow is expected for the next four to five days. Yea!!!!

If you are looking for a place to park trucks and trailers the owner of Foodland out by Canadian Tire has said that you could park there. This came from a member of the executive of the snowmobile club. So it must be true. There is lots of room there and would be easy in and out.

It looks like things will be great for this weekend. I will not update on Friday unless something drastic happens. I have an appointment in town Friday morning by the time I get back it's too late to blather on. Most of you have made your plans already. So it looks like this is it for the weekend.

Hope we see you Saturday and Sunday. It is looking like perfect conditions.

Have a safe drive up and keep it between the trees.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Technical difficulties with the internet and no patience from the operator yesterday so here is the Monday/Tuesday update.

What a wild weekend. Sledders are the best. We were so busy it was just crazy, yet everyone seemed so patient. If anyone was cranky and crusty I didn't notice and I would like to keep it that way. Ignorance is bliss. I feel badly for the people that left because there was no room to sit. I hope you come back another day. Thank you for the people that doubled up with others that they don't know so they could sit.

Keeping in mind that all the girls at the diner are getting little long in the tooth you sometimes have to remind us a time or two for the spoon to stir the coffee, or the cup for the tea even the glass for the beer (the lady with the beer and tomato juice will know who you are). We do try and it is fun.

Thanks to Frank's wife for cleaning off tables so that you had somewhere to sit. Thanks to Blair and buddy for carrying in 10 cases of beer for me. And thanks also to John? from Papineau Lake for backing into me spilling the shot of Baileys on my sweater. Just kidding, it's just another chapter in the book and was a great conversation starter all day.

Now on to the serious stuff. We had rain all day on Monday but it has been snowing for quite a while now. It is really slushy. That is a good thing because if it had gotten cold and the water had frozen it would be really slippery now. So if it gets cold tonight and freezes the snow will already be stuck to the water and it won't be so slippery. Good for walking and good for the trails. It should freeze up tonight.

I would think that there would be no grooming today because of the slush but I can't say for sure. I heard that they were going to head out to the Madawaska trail yesterday. I will make some inquiries and update when I find out more.

Weather for the rest of the week is not great but long range around here is 15 minutes into the future so who knows.

That's all I have for now.

Hope you have a great week.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Friday update is filled with good news. It is a great day today. After yesterdays snow the sky is blue, everything is white. It's the kind of day you would just like to get on your sled and ride forever.

I noticed coming home last night that the trail to Martin Wood had been groomed and it was back out again first thing this morning probably on the way to Bancroft.

In total we have had about a foot of snow this week. I have had the parking lot plowed twice this week so far. That's a first for this year.

The lakes are still not staked so crossing them may not be a good thing but it is being done.

This should end up being the best sledding weekend so far. It isn't going to be too cold and more snow is expected overnight.

Hope we see you this weekend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is shining the storm is over and it's cold enough to chill your beer in the snowbanks.

Here's a shout out to who ever called this morning to ask if we got a loaf of snow last night. I love it when you get my warped humor. Well we did get a little more than half a loaf overnight (see yesterday's post to do the math).

There is no nicer way to wake up than to have the flashing yellow light from the plow truck shining in your window while cleaning the driveway at 5:45. Well I'm sure there is a nicer way but we won't get into that.

Added to what we already had this should make things really good. No word on grooming last night but I know they have been out regularly. The trail on the back side of Lake St. Peter is still not great but this snow should help.

Now here is a pet peeve and something to ponder while you are waiting for the weekend to come. Why is it when you go to plug something in you always get the plug upside down first? Shouldn't you get it right at least some of the time? I get it wrong every time. Clearly this should be a lesson to me not to buy lottery tickets. If I can't get it right when I have a 50/50 chance why in hell would I think I could get it right picking 7 out of 7.

Well I'd better go. I have more shoveling to do or maybe I'll just wait for Norm to get motivated.

Hope to see you this weekend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I've been duped again. I am so gullible. Almost everyone that came in on Monday talked about the big storm that was to come yesterday and last night.

I was also told last week that 1 cm is equal to one slice of bread. So I was expecting to wake up this morning to about a half loaf of snowfall. Ha!! Big surprise, no snow overnight. Why do I always believe these people.

Having said that the day is going downhill quickly this morning. We have some freezing rain and some snow. It's generally yucky outside. The buses were all cancelled today I guess because of the bad weather expected this afternoon. More snow is expected tonight (ha) and again on Thursday and Friday. One can only hope.

Last weekend was busy. Lots of sledders everywhere. Nice to see some of the old faces for the first time. Most trails were quite good. The grooming continues daily. All three were out yesterday for most of the day. The few riders that were in yesterday were quite pleased with the trails.

And the carniage begins. By noon Saturday we had our first dead sled. Well not quite dead but badly injured. Poor Mitch. Even with the parts he left behind he was able to drive back to the truck. The next two were not so lucky. Both had to wait at the diner until their buddies could bring the trailer to pick them up. Oh well the beer sales rise when that happens.

Not much else new. I will be back on Thursday to let you know how much snowfall there was during the week.

Keep working so that you can afford to snowmobile.


Friday, January 13, 2012

The Friday update is short and sweet so here goes.

Enough snow yesterday to cover up the dog poop in the back yard (and I have a big dog) and the parking lot had to be plowed this morning. So you to the math.

Still snowing a little today. None tomorrow or Sunday but it is getting very cold at night this weekend so this bundle up!!!

Have a great weekend and remember to keep the skis on the snow!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

I waited until late today to post to see just how the day would end. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

I didn't realize how powerful my words could be. I am always talking about doing the snow dance. So far this year it hasn't worked. In desperation on Tuesday I said, "I think the school kids need a snow day." Holy cow did they get a snow day. I didn't mean all of Southern Ontario. I just meant here. Sorry guys.

It has been snowing all day with some ice pellets. Mostly fine small flakes but it hasn't stopped so by nightfall it will be a fair amount.

The only riders in today had come from Bancroft or Trudy's on hwy 62. All were pleased with conditions considering the small amount of snow we have had.

Things will be looking pretty good for the weekend by tomorrow morning. Even if it stops tonight we are expecting more tomorrow. You know things are looking up when the Bancroft residents start showing up. They usually wait until conditions are good because they can, and we have had a few groups in this week.

Here is a shout out to Harry from Port Perry, why I'll never know. We haven't seen Harry for a year or two and have given up hope on him. It's very sad. However a previous co-worker was in yesterday asking after you. So you see you still have fans out there.

If I am able I will update tomorrow if anything changes.

Hope to see you this weekend.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sorry I didn't update Monday but I was really busy. Oh wait no, I wasn't busy just lazy. I got hit with a serious case of drag-ass yesterday and couldn't make it over to the bar to climb up to the computer. It took till today to recover.

Not much in the way of snow this weekend or Monday. Just little skiffs. More is expected later in the week but so far the weather people's idea of snow is not the same as mine!!

The groomers have been busy though. All three were out yesterday. Two went Bancroft way yesterday and the other went that famous route "somewhere else". They even had the new groomer out yesterday. I hear it is a thing of beauty if you are into groomers. What kind is it you say. Well it's a red one!!!

I won't know details until riders come in today and fill me in assuming that there will be riders in today.

There were quite a few riders out on the weekend so it is just as well that grooming was held off until Monday when it would stay good longer. It was pretty mild on Sunday but has gotten colder now so we won't be losing any snow.

Please note the caution tape around the back of the yard. Some sleds rode through the backyard this weekend over the weeping bed from the septic. This is not good because if it freezes none of us will be flushing!!!! I don't know about you but that is pretty important to all of us that work here. Eeks!!!

That's it for now. Nothing exciting to report. I will be back later in the week.


Friday, January 06, 2012

Things are looking better in good 'ol LSP. Not fantastic, just better.

We have had a bit of snow every day. The groomers have been out and I had to have the parking lot plowed this morning.

There were quite a few riders in on Thursday. Most said things were good, a few rocks here and there but nothing too serious.

On Wednesday it was groomed to Baptiste Lake and Whitney. They will most likely go out tonight but I don't have a direct line to the Grand Puba so I can't say for sure.

If you are in need of accommodation this winter try Lake St. Peter Resort Cottages on the South Rd. in LSP. New people bought it last year and they seem to be doing a good job. It appears they have people skills and experience in the hospitality industry. There number is 613-338-3171. Check them out at www.lakestpetercottages.ca.

No touching stories, bonehead plays or sad news. Oh yea sad news-my partner and I lost at snooker last night. Well I lost, little John is a pretty good player. Better luck next week.

So come on up and do something stupid or crazy so that you can make the blog next week. I miss the action!!!

I'll keep doing the snow dance and hoping for better days ahead. Back Sunday or Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Here goes. I have good news and fair news, which is better than good news, bad news.

The good news is there is no rain, the temp is staying cool (or downright freezing yesterday). The fair news is we keep getting a little snow with more to come for the next few days.

We haven't had a big dump yet. I haven't had to plow the driveway yet this year because it has just been flurries.

The groomer was out yesterday and went to Martin's Mill. I don't know if it is going out today. I will probably hear later. We had a rider in from Coe Hill yesterday he wasn't thrilled but it was good enough to come this far. We also had riders in from the Whitney area. They said that things were okay but had spent most of the week just clearing the route from their house to the trail. But they were young and the experience was good for them. It will build character.

On a sad note the big orange cat, Bulwinkle that always climbed on every sled, ATV, boat, trailer, or anything else that was in the lot was attacked by we think a fox. So we won't have him to amuse us by looking in the windows or getting in cars etc. and just being kooky. His brother Rocky (no imagination there) was hit by a car on Thanksgiving weekend. So we are now without any cats. I plan to keep it that way so don't do me any favours!!!!! He was fun to watch though and the dog misses not having anyone to wrestle with. We lost four pets last year. Two to old age and the last two to misadventure. So now buddy the Labrador Retriever is wearing a helmet and flack jacket and keeps looking over his shoulder hoping that he won't be next.

I am always telling stories about Brian and Jim. Well Brian has a girlfriend FINALLY. She is a real sweetheart and is getting a great education about the north. We still have to teach her how to pee behind a tree though!!! Well she had never driven a sled before so Brian took her out for a little test ride. (That just sounds bad) They rode from his place to the diner, less that a kilometer. Had a beer and left for the cottage. Who do they meet on the way home. You guessed it the OPP. Everything was okay but what a way to start you sledding experience. Now tell me with barely enough snow to cover the ground wouldn't you think there time would be better spent somewhere else? I suppose he was just looking for an easy way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

That's all she wrote for now. Nice to see all the regular readers back. I am averaging 99 hits per day so that will keep me feeling guilty enough to post regularly.

I will be back Friday for a weekend update because I don't think too much will change overnight.

See you soon and THINK SNOW!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Here we go again!!! 2012 bring it on. I am hoping for great things to come this year, winning the lottery could be one of them. I'm just saying.

The toboggan party went well. No serious injuries. Any injuries were preexisting conditions so we dodged the liability issue. The only sled that went over the edge had two little kiddies on it. They are much more resilient than the older folks. Thankfully the raspberry bushes stopped them and they were only a short grab away. Sadly the canoe did not slide well. There will be modifications done for the next time. Val, Vicky and Jen had the most unique sled. They tied three deer hides from this years hunt together. That was another one that worked better when you were inventing it with a couple of beers. It did make it down the hill, just not as well as they had hoped (modifictions here also). Needless to say I was dozing on and off on the couch by 8:00. Our plans for the evening were just another good idea that didn't take place but I did wake up at 11:30 and managed to stay up until midnight.

No on to the important stuff. We did get some rain on Sunday, not nearly as much as last year. Good thing because we don't have enough snow for that. It is snowing now and looks like it will keep up for some time. There is supposed to be more most of the week.

The club is still clearing trees from the last storm so if you are riding on any secondary trails be prepared for some obstacles. A small saw would be handy. The groomer hasn't gone out yet. I will repost as soon as I hear when it is out.

Riders in this weekend were quite pleased with conditions so next weekend should be even better.

Hope to see you soon.