Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All right it is bad enough that we woke up to 5 inches of snow yesterday and more this morning.  BUT now blogspot has gone and fixed something that wasn't broken and it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to get to the damn spot to write this rant. Well at least it gave me something to rant about.  If they think they were making it better it was all lost on me.  Please remember some of us older folks don't like you messing with our heads!!!!!  Change is good if it is underwear and new shoes not computer stuff.

We were lucky not to loose power on Monday, oh except for Charlie Foster that had a tree come down on his power line.  Hydro was there fairly quickly to fix the problem.  It was a really wet heavy snow to deep to wear my sandals to work and it would have been well received if it was December or January but it is just annoying in April.  We did need some rain, it was getting really dry and the snow is a good way for the moisture to seep into the ground. 

This snowfall will help build up the water holes for the mud run this weekend.  I went out on Sunday to add some more mileage onto the route and found out Monday just how out of shape I was. If I would stop getting stuck it wouldn't be so bad.   We have a good route planned and will be marking it on Friday.  If I'm lucky I will find something really important that has to be done and will be able to talk my way out of having to head out again to mark. 

Well that's it for now.  It is still pretty quite but it will be the long weekend before we know it.

Back next week

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mother nature is either on drugs or suffering from dementia. It was 15 degrees yesterday when I went for my walk and 0 this morning. What is up with that?

We had a great weekend in spite of the weatherman saying all week that it was going to rain. It didn't until about six o'clock Sunday night. Thank goodness it was my daughter BBQing and not me.

We had such a wind storm yesterday. There was a wide spread power outage. It was only out for about an hour on the highway but the backside of Lake St. Peter still wasn't on by this afternoon. I didn't speak to anyone from Mink so don't have any info. Paudash Lake and parts of Maple Leaf are also still out. Hydro One has been very busy earning their keep today.

It's still pretty quiet around. Cottage construction has started up. There are different contractors in daily, so things must be getting rolling.

The turtles have even started laying their eggs on the side of the road. That is really early for them. They don't usually lay until mid May and June.

The people that own Highland Wilderness Tours in East Lake Rd. have started doing ATV tours as well as horseback riding. So keep this in mind if you have company up this summer and they are looking for something to do, or maybe you just want to get rid of them for the day. It is a great way to try out the sport if you haven't done it before. I will mention this again in July and August as a reminder. They have been in business a long time and are very good at what they do.

We that is about it for now. Back next week unless something exciting happens.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter has come and gone that must mean that the May long weekend can't be far behind.

It was nice to see some of the cottagers back. I had expected more considering how early spring came this year but it was a fairly quiet weekend.

There is a very nice couple that live on Mink Lake, Rita and Keith Martin. Rita walks every day and Keith almost every day. They stopped in for lunch yesterday and asked me for some garbage bags. They had been cleaning up Mink Lake Road, something that they do every walk. They started at the boat launch yesterday and had filled FOUR GREEN BAGS by the time they got as far as the dragon fly. They needed the bags to continue from the highway back in. Now they happened to mention that someone must really like Reese's Pieces because they have picked up about 15 wrappers lately. So if you are the Reese's Pieces junky would you please put your garbage in your pocket or somewhere else until you get home. That goes for the Tim's cups and pop cans also. Keith mentioned that when they go out on Monday mornings they can fill a grocery bag every time. Come on people. You wouldn't throw this stuff on your own back lawn so don't throw it on any body elses.

That was my rant for the day.

There is not much else to report so I will end now. Have a great week and I hope you make it up soon. ATV season is looking good.


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It's been a week since my last blurb. I don't know where the time goes even though we are not busy. I think that someone must have put a gate up in Bancroft and is not letting anyone pass.

I am happy to report that both dogs are back safe and sound. In true beagle fashion after driving around in the bush for a few more hours when the guys got back to the camp there was Rusty laying beside the truck with the what took you so long look on his face. Buddy looked like he had been on a three day bender and slept for 3 more days, Rusty although he didn't come out of the doghouse for a day or two would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Dogs!!!

Spring is here for sure. The days are much longer. The Herons are back on the lake and nesting. There are a few docks in the lake already and I have started wearing my sandals regularly even if there were a few snow flurries today.

For those of you coming up 127 for the first time you will notice construction signs in two places.
There is repair work being done on both bridges. They were putting up stop lights today to control the traffic havoc that will surely occur during the construction. A mild inconvenience but I'm sure we will all live through it. It will be interesting to get and under the bridge look at the progress when we paddle down the creek in May.

I have a bit of traveling to do this weekend just day trips but lengthy all the same. I have some new staff starting also this weekend so be nice-they are new and I don't want you scaring them!!!!

It looks like it is going to be a great weekend weather wise. So the Easter Bunny shouldn't have any trouble getting the job done.

If you are up to the lake I hope we see you. If not have enjoy a nice long weekend.

Don't forget the ATV run on April 28. We are getting lots of inquiries. I hope to make it about a four hour ride. It should be fun.

That's it for now. Back after the weekend I hope with some exciting stories. So someone do something exciting so we can chuckle about it.