Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holy moly.  I can't believe that September is almost over.  I'm sure it was just labour day a week ago.

We were crazy busy on the long weekend and then the wheels fell off.  It's been like that all month.  Either so busy it's hard to keep up or so slow I get a serious case of drop ass.  Which is why there have been no updates.

September has been a great month even though it is getting pretty cold at night.

The bear hunters did not do too well this year.  There were lots around all summer and then all of a sudden they must have gotten the memo and all disappeared.

The bone head play of the week goes to guess who--Pick me, pick me.  I was changing my clothes to come to work the evening shift and thought I'd be clever and do a load of wash first.  When I got back to the diner and was looking for my cell phone it occurred to me that I had left it in my pants pocket.  You guessed it, the ones that just got washed.  Sadly two days in a bag of rice did not fix it and I am now going to get another.  I was happy being a dinosaur with my iPhone 3.  I don't need a 5 and the 4rs are almost as much as a 5.  Oh what to do.  My smart ass son said, "I guess iPhone doesn't have an app for everything."   What does he know he is a Blackberry snob.

On a sad note our weekend morning server Shelia's husband passed away after a brief illness this week. Our thoughts are with her and she would like to come back to work after a few weeks.

The leaves are turning quickly and are beautiful.  It's a good thing that Thanksgiving is early this year.  If it was much later there may not have been any left.

I was planning to be opened last Sunday during the planned power outage.  But after much fiddling around the generator finally pooped out.  It is not old just cranky I guess.  So about 12:30 I threw in the towel and took the rest of the day off.  All went well and the power was back on by 7:00.

That's about it for now.  It's kind of sad to see the cottagers leaving for the season. But soon the sledders will be back and we will be on to the next season.  Oh I can hear the groans from here!!!

I hope you make it up for the long weekend and we have a great one.