Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Thank goodness for -10. It is balmy out. However this does mean more snow and snowing it is. 3-5 inches has fallen since noon is today.

The trails are in mint shape. Oops except for one little snag. Beware if you are heading out on B106E. The groomer is broken down just north of Hybla Rd. It will be repaired sometime tomorrow.  Please take care.

The new snow and freezing rain (sort of) will make things even better  the road crossings are good and side roads are great.

The longer days are awesome and you can now feel the heat from the sun.

And now for my first bone head play of the season. Who knew that you can not vacuum over boot laces while they are still attached to the boots. True story. The dust flies and then the house smells funny. Luckily no more vacuuming can be done after that.  Perhaps some day I'll be house broken but I'm not holding out hope.

Here's hoping that you can sneak away for a mid week ride while things are quiet. If not head up this way on the weekend. It will be great.


Friday, February 20, 2015

All trails are groomed and ready for the weekend.

It's the season for the long distance trips and riders are starting early in the morning. I've heard sleds zooming by as early as 8:30 am. Holy moly that must be cold.  Yesterday there were large groups out early. The motel in town was packed with sleds running and it wasn't even 9.

Even the road crossings are looking good because we have been getting a little skiff every say or two.

If the temperature ever shot up to -6 we would probably all be out in t shirts. It's crazy cold this winter.  So be sure to bundle up the kids if you take them out. We sometime forget that you are in a $70.00 pair of gloves and the kids are in the. $4.99 Walmart specials.

The sun has been shining all week and the days are getting longer. Snow is expected this weekend so that usually means warmer days. Let's hope so.

Come one up and ride.


Friday, February 06, 2015

Just a quick Friday update in case you are still undecided.

All trails in the MLSS system have been groomed with the last on being done now (to Bancroft).  So everything is in top shape for the weekend. We have had a light snowfall everyday this week so there is good coverage.

Baptiste Lake is now staked as well as Lake St Peter.

So get on up here and ride like the wind!

Have a great weekend

Thursday, February 05, 2015

It is officially winter.  I have had to wear my boots three days in a row.  I don't like wearing boots so it has to be snowy for me put them on.  And put them on I have.

It has snowed  every day this week adding  quite a few inches to what we had.  I need my driveway plowed.  I hope the guy comes today.

Riders are happy with the trails.  The road crossings still look bad but things are much better once you get past that. Today would be a great day for a ride.  The sun is up, it's cold and crisp and shaping up to be a beautiful day.   It's looking good for the weekend also.

The temp is dropping but it didn't get nearly as bad last night as it was supposed to.  And that moon is an awesome sight.  Oh my.  A clear night with lots of stars and a giant full moon.  The last few days if you wake up during the night it looks like daylight outside.  Its just one of the things that makes living here worth it.

Here's hoping you can get up this weekend for a ride.  We are expecting more snow on Saturday and Sunday.

Back soon

Monday, February 02, 2015

I have two questions.  First which ground hog do you believe?  They never agree and quite frankly I think they both looked like they had been munching on some "funny mushrooms" this morning.  Just sayin!!!!!  Second:  Why did they through the ball when they could have just run it for a TD.  Just sayin!!!    

OK now on to the important things.  What a pleasant sight to see.  Fresh snow on top of a freshly groomed trail with no tracks to be seen.  That is what I saw this morning on my way out. Riders this weekend said that even though there was not too much snow riding this weekend was good. 

Lake St. Peter is now staked. No word on Baptiste yet.  It was not by last Friday.  I'll post as soon as I know.  They are riding it though. 

As I have said many times we get our snow up here in sensible amounts.  The south got blasted this morning and everything was cancelled.  Well our buses were cancelled this morning also but that happens often.  I barely had to brush off the car and the roads were fine.  We did get more snow and that was good.  And yes it is frickin freezing.  But that full moon and clear sky is a beautiful sight tonight.

More snow is expected later in the week. Don't know how much just some. 

The annual MLSS poker run is being held on Saturday, February 14. That is family day weekend.  It is the club's big fund raiser of the year.  A great value for only $10.00. Lots of prizes and good times. Please attend if you can and support your club.

I'll be back later in the week with an update on snow conditions.

Now I am going to relax on the couch with a glass of wine and ponder life.  Just kidding, I'll be watching TV and doing nothing.

Til next time.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yipee     It's snowing. It started about noon and isn't showing any signs of stopping for awhile. 

We have a couple of inches already.  I just called Dianne Hammond from the snowmobile club and she said that they will not be grooming tonight.  I suppose there is no point while it is still coming down but they will most likely be out tomorrow. 

The roads are really crappy so that has made the road crossings much better.  The side roads were still well covered but with the highways so clear the crossings got pretty nasty. 

As much as I hate to praise the cold weather it is what has kept the snow as good as it is.   So it's a little milder now hence the snow.

Our temperature has not risen above 0 in weeks and today is no different.

I'll be back soon to let you know just how much snow landed in on us.  I'm sure it won't be as much as Boston and NY but it is looking promising.

Hope you can get up this weekend.  Now that Green Bay isn't playing  the only reason you would watch the Super Bowl this weekend is for the commercials. !!!!  So come sledding.

Back soon

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's hard to get excited about snow conditions when there aren't any snow conditions. 

It doesn't look like much has been done to the trails for a while but there has not been much snow.  A little fell on Friday night making a nice covering for Saturday morning. 

The sunny days are beautiful but it has just been so stinking cold.  We are expecting snow a little later in the week and that will make a big difference. 

There are still a fair number of riders out but not anything like there should be.  Anyone out riding will have a great ride in terms of traffic. 

Not much info this morning.  Sorry. :(  I'll try to do better later in the week.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good morning all.  Just time for a quick update before I head off to school.  More on that later. 

I don't know which to do first rant or report.  I guess I should do the serious stuff first.

I thought my thermometer was stuck at -20 because it hadn't moved for days but one day it shot right up to -15 so I know it's working.  This would be the reason the snow we have is staying around.  The snow on Sunday made a difference.  It was wet and heavy and gave a good covering. Not enough to have the driveway plowed just enough to be annoying when walking through it.

The groomer did not go out to Bancroft on Monday but by Tuesday I could see the rail bed was done. On my way out of LSP on Tuesday evening the groomer was heading back in and it looked like the trail to Martins Mill was done. 

The lakes aren't staked yet but are being used.  Word around the 'ol fishing holes is that there is about 10" of ice on the lake.  Now I've been duped about what six inches is all my adult life so I'm not sure if the same thing goes for fishing holes or not!!!!!

There are still a few trailers parked  at Birds Creek every day so sledding in the wilds of Hastings Highlands continues.

Now on to my rant.  I haven't had a good one in quite some time. 

I wanted to upgrade my computer skills so I was talked into taking the Business Admin course at Loyalist.  A little overkill for what I wanted but what the heck. 

Well two of my courses are Building Consumer Relations and an English Communication Course.  Both should be subtitled BLOWING SMOKE UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!  It is about 75% BS and 25% learning.  I don't want to reflect upon myself.  Someone has spent a lot of time figuring out how they could put a useless English (or something similar) degree that they got in the early 2000's to good use when they couldn't find a job.  I'm as politically correct as I'm going to get.  If I hurt your feelings I'm sorry.  I probably didn't mean to, or maybe I did!  And if you don't like the way I communicate ask someone else. 

It seems to me that now you can take a course on how to talk people into doing or buying things that they don't need or want, make them feel important while doing a menial job so they don't look further and we call it communicating.  Ok now everyone reflect on your personality take a deep breath and go out there and trick somebody today.  Or at least give them a hug while you are hurting there feelings.

Well that feels better.  Now I can skip off to school and submit my 1200 word assignment on my personality and self reflection.  I'll bet I get an A and a gold star!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I'm baaaack. 

Brenda has been getting a lot of flack about not continuing the blog so here we go.  I will be doing it until we figure out how to convert it over to here site.  As you know I am not very computer savy but Brenda is much better.

It won't be as whimsical with Brenda because she is still young enough to give a damn about what people think of her.  Not like me who speaks first and thinks second.

So onto the business at hand.  The snow conditions haven't been great but that isn't keeping the sledders away.  The parking lot in Birds Creek is pretty full most of the time.  They have been grooming fairly regularly.

It has been snowing all morning.  That heavy wet snow that really sticks around.  The temp is just about freezing, not really cold but cold enough to keep from melting.

Now to be very honest without being in the restaurant I can't give a very good report.  Not having spoken to sledders and talked to the club I'm just making stuff up!!!!!!!

I will do my best to get first hand info to share but at least knowing how much snow is around is a help.  There is a fair base because of the extreme cold weather this last couple of weeks.

After a grueling summer working up in Algonquin Park (very long days with an hour drive each way) I am back in school hoping to improve my computer skills.  Not working so far but it keeps me busy and out of the wine (sort of).

The second annual MLSS club wing day was held at the diner yesterday.  It was a great time with lots of action and a good fund raiser for the club.  Thanks to everyone that came out to support the club.

Well that\s is for now.  I will be back in a day or two with more news.

As always

Thursday, May 01, 2014

It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I write this my very last blog.

I have sold the diner and the new people have taken over as of today.  I thought it was time to have someone younger and with fresh ideas.

I wish Brenda and Jamie well in there new adventure.  I don't think that Brenda will be doing a blog but she will have a web page and be on facebook to keep up with snow conditions etc.

It has been a great ride.  I have a lot of really awesome customers and some not so much.  But the good always outweighed the not so good.  There were a lot of fun times and it was a pleasure to be able to solve a problem or help out with information every day.

I have taken a position with Algonquin Outfitters as Food Service Manager at the Lake of Two Rivers Store.  I may even get two days off in a row now. 

So I must be off it's a bit of a hike up there but a nice drive in the summer.

Best to all of you and I hope our paths cross often.   To young Rob Shackelton there is the cutest picture of you in the Opeongo Store when you worked there.  They still miss you!!!

And so for the last time.

Unless I can't shut up!!

\I will be off in the winter and I may start up again for trail conditions if need be.