Friday, December 20, 2013

The snow continues to fall, the groomers continue to groom and the sledders continue to whine!!!  Will it ever stop?

Yes there are stones on the trail.  You do realize that you are out in the bush don't you?  If you don't like the stones showing through the snow stop and move them or wait until the end of January to go sledding.  Better still come up in the summer when the days are warmer and MOVE THEM ALL. It should keep you busy most of the summer. Sheesh people lighten up.

I have had the lot ploughed three days this week so that has added a substantial amount of snow to what we already had.

We have had sledders in everyday this week and I am hoping for a busy weekend. 

That's it for today and not because it's busy.  It is kind of spooky quiet.  But I have had my rant and have nothing more to say.

Back next week.

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