Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The long weekend is long gone :( and you can tell that August is sailing by. The nights are getting cooler, the bugs are almost gone and it is starting to get dark a little earlier. Summer must be drawing to a close I have already received two Sears Fall Sale catalogs. That isn't as annoying as receiving the big fall catalog at the end of June!! That was just depressing.

What a beautiful summer so far. Even the last couple of rainy days have been welcomed. Maybe not so much today. It is coming down pretty hard right now.

A strang thing happened on Monday of the long weekend. There was a fire call for a bush fire on the Madawaska Rd. The trucks went out, eventually nine of them driving all over the country side looking for the fire. However there was no fire. The wind had shifted and the forest fires way up north had sent the smoke and smog down this way. There were a number of people having difficulty breathing etc. When Pat B arrived home from the weekend away she could smell something burning at her house. She checked all over and nothing was wrong. I was told by a number of people that there was a dull haze over all the lakes for the afternoon.

And that was about all of the excitement for the weekend. I think that it was so hot nobody wanted to move too far or fast.

Not much else to report now. It has been pretty quiet this week. Here's hoping that something exciting happens this weekend.

I have a dinner invite to Jim and Connie's this weekend. So we should be up to some shenanagans there. Funny how she just knew that when I offered to "make" dessert that I would be visiting the farmers market on Saturday. Hmmmm.

Hope to see you soon.