Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's hard to believe that summer has come and gone.  Well gone for sure I'm not so sure about coming!!

I have been very remiss about blogging this summer but there just didn't seem to be much to yak about and I kind of lost my spunk.  Hopefully it will return soon.

It's not hard to tell that it is fall.  The trees seemed to have changed colour overnight.  They look beautiful.  If we don't get too much rain and wind they should hang on until Thanksgiving.  It is great walking weather and the view is awesome.

We have said goodbye to a number of summer people that had to close up early for one reason or another.  We have met a lot of new summer people as quite a few cottages changed hands this summer.

We have a huge turkey population trotting around the neighbourhood.  Some are not as good crossing the road as others so keep an eye open.

Since the passing of Sherman (the big white duck in the pond beside the diner) it's looked empty over there but not any more.  Bonna has purchased 6 or 8 more white ducks so there is more wildlife around.  Don't know how the geese feel about the new addition but I'm sure they'll get over it.

The music continues on Saturday nights until the beginning of November.  Drop in and join us if you are not busy.

We will be serving a Turkey dinner on both Saturday and Sunday night on Thanksgiving weekend.

Sadly there will not be a hunters supper in the community this year.  After many, many years of the successful fund raiser for the community centre there is no one that will run it this year.  Let's hope that this is just a blip for this year only.

Well that's all I can think of for now.   It's pretty quite around the neighbourhood this week.

Back later----much later!!!