Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's about time I got back to the old blogspot.

Well if that was summer I guess we've had it!!! Not much to write home about.

Here's an update about what's going on in and around the diner.

Our next mud run is October 4th. Same format as before. Cash prizes, random draws, good food, FABULOUS staff, great route and good weather. I will demand it.

So plan a weekend getaway and come on up. Phone us if you need some numbers for accomodation.

Riverland and High Country are also having runs on the two previous weekends.

We are also starting entertainment on Saturday afternoon. From 4-7 pm enjoy a great mix of tunes. Different talent every week.

It's sad to see the lodge gone. It was a land mark that can't be replaced. The land is now up for sale, so I guess they are not going to rebuild. We will miss it very much.

Well I wll post now as I am heading to the bright lights of Maynooth for the Maynooth Madness and Loggers Games. I just go for the parade and the beer.

It's on Sunday that I have to help with the Mud Bog. A great day of fun in the mud.

I will try to keep posting a little news as things happen-if anything happens.

But for now Cheers!