Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who turned off the heat!!!!

It's been a while since I've updated and I am getting some flack. Granted I was away for a week but I have been back for quite some time now.

After a couple of weeks of really great weather the temp has dropped like a stone today. -5 this morning. Still sunny though so every one is cheerful.

DON'T FORGET OUR ATV MUD RUN ON SATURDAY, MAY 1. It should be a fun day. Good trails, good prizes, good food, good people.

It has been pretty quiet lately. There are not even ATVer's around. I wonder if it is still the gas thing or are they just not out yet? The trails are in good shape although a little dusty because of the lack of rain.

There has been a fire ban on for about 3 weeks now. No one remembers a ban starting this early. Maybe that means a hot summer. It also means those little black buggers will be around soon.

We have had a few wild turkeys in the neighbourhood this spring. They show up every couple of days cleaning up the deer feed and bird seed that was left from the winter. I'm sure my neighbour across the pond will have them all in his freezer soon. He'd shoot anything that walked near his property.

There was a real bad storm on Easter Weekend, high winds, rain etc. etc. It caused two house fires on the same day and both burned to the ground. Fortunately no one was hurt in either fire and both foundations were saved.

Our new addition for this spring is an ice cream freezer. We will be selling ice cream cones this year. I am looking forward to this because it means I'll be buying new clothes to fit me after sampling the goods trying to get things right.

There is another mud run the week after mine, May 6 in Maynooth. It is a fund raiser for the Maynooth Mud Dawgs. They are the group that put on the mud bog for trucks in September. So if you can't get up to the diner run, try for the next weekend. Better still come to both.

We are still doing the music on Saturday nights. I have some new bands booked so there will be new faces.

Well I'd better get back to work. Or at least make it look like I'm doing something.

Back when the nagging starts again.