Thursday, March 21, 2013

No time to dally I have snooker in an hour.

I can't say more about the trails and the grooming.  We had so many riders in today and they were happy, happy, happy.

All of the trails in the MLSS system were groomed by this morning.  We had two guys in that had ridden to Pembroke yesterday and stopped in on their way home.  They said it just kept getting better all the way.  We had riders in from Haliburton also.

It just won't stop snowing.  You look out one minute and it's snowing like crazy, stops for a little while then back again.  It's nuts. 

We also had a few people playing hokey from work.  You know who you are!!!!!

So pack up, load em up and get on up and ride.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like busy has been good. Has the ice started to melt on the lakes yet?