Friday, May 10, 2013

When I grow up I want to be a fridge repair guy.  My fridge at the house (only two years old) and the Pepsi fridge at the diner both broke.  So I called the repair people.  Two separate repair guys showed up and told me that my fridge was broken.  No shit buddy,  that's why I called you.  They both said that I needed a new fridge.  So see what a great job that would be.  No sweat, no problem.  Now I also learned something else this week.  The fridge that you pay a lot of money for shows up at your door a lot sooner than the one that is coming for free.  It's been three weeks now and when I finally called Pepsi they were shocked and didn't even have a record of the work order.  Again what a great job, you don't even have to be responsible.

Now on to serious matters.  If you are coming up to put in your dock before the black flies are out, ooops too late.  They hadn't been too bad up until yesterday when we had that rain in the morning after that look out.  I took the dog out for a walk about 7:30 and didn't get very far before I turned around to come home.  However he did chase a deer into the woods so when he came out we went home.  He never catches up to them and wouldn't know what to do if he did.  I think he just wants someone to play with.  So no more dark clothing for me for a few weeks.

My roof is on hold until the hydro comes through with a disconnect order.  Everything was going well until Hydro One had to get involved and then the wheels fell off.  If anyone has pull with Hydro One PLEASE let me know who to call.  They want their money up front before they do anything and when you give it to them they don't do anything.  If you ran a small business in such a sloppy manner you wouldn't have a business!!!

This Saturday is our annual paddle down the Papineau Creek.  It is sure to rain, it usually does.  But the drinks taste the same whether you are wet or dry.  I usually end up wet even if it's not raining.

Oh speaking of getting wet I have had two sets of people in this week that have been in for a swim already.  Brave souls.  These are not people that live here to know that two weeks ago there was still ice on the lake.  I'll will be a while yet.

This is a great community we live in.  If you see green garbage bags along highway 127 it is all local residents doing the annual highway clean up.  They do a great job.  Most are from Mink Lake and Boulter Lake.  So my hat's off to all who have traveled their kilometer of highway cleaning up.  So people think the next time you have an empty coffee cup etc and keep it in the car until you get where you are going.

Well that's it for now.  I'm off to town blah, blah, blah so that I can get back early.

I hope that some of you can make it up for the weekend now that spring has sprung. The trees and flowers are coming out quickly and everything looks much nicer.

Back after the weekend.

Friday, May 03, 2013

I hate to start off whining but whine I must.  The spring peepers are back.  Bless there little hearts they can not be an endangered species.

Spring peepers are nocturnal.  And they start there wonderful little peeping sound early in the evening a sure sign of spring and it continues ALL NIGHT LONG or at least until four am.  Then you get the 5:30 wake up call from the geese.  Now all geese do is eat and poop all day is there any reason why this must start at 5:30 am!!!  To add to the situation the big guy had to leave for work at 4 am with a small dose of TSN just before leaving because you never know what may have happened overnight.

I'm not much of a morning person,  I'd like a nap in the afternoon and I'm in bed by 10 pm so I really haven't found the time of day when I shine but I know it's not the morning.  I have had to open up a number of days this week before 7 as well as a day trip to Toronto thrown in to make life interesting.

Needless to say with my injured arm, peeping peepers and honking geese I may be a little crankier than normal this weekend.  Don't hide the wine!!!  At least the big guy is working away after this week so I won't have to deal with the 4 am departures all summer.

Speaking of wine I did have a little sip on the deck this week.  The black flies haven't started yet but the mosquitoes are getting quite friendly.

It is so nice to see it daylight until almost 8:30 a sure sign that spring must be here.  All the snow is gone from most places.  There is still some in the bush though.  ATV trails are all usable now.  We were out last Saturday and had a great ride.  Still lots of water.  I learned two things last week, 1-I need new rubber boots and 2-I need a firmer stopemfloppem.  My feet were soaked from leaky rubber boots and the girls were exhausted from all of the bouncing around.

I have been asked about rescheduling the ATV run.  I will probably wait until the fall.  I have a lot going on in the next few weeks.  I don't want to do it in June with the black flies and folks are too busy in summer with family things. I will post when I have a date.

You will notice the next time you are by that I am having a new roof put on the diner.  That is when Ontario Hydro shows up to do their part.  You may have noticed the leaky ceiling inside the diner, well that will be fixed along with the outside.  I am looking forward to the improvement.

Pretty quiet now for a while.   There is not much going on, but you can see the traffic increasing and lots of building has stared.  So that's it for now and probably for the weekend.

Stop by if you are in the area.