Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things are starting to look up.

Today the sun is shining and we had a few centimeters of snow over night. It's looking a little better. Would that be because we still do not have hydro and it's really dark inside. Maybe.

There are still as many out of power, cell service and regular phone service is back. Hope springs eternal perhaps we can all shower at our own houses tomorrow.

Grooming is to start again and more snow is predected for overnight.

There were three groups of riders in yesterday and they said that other than some trees down the trails were not too bad and once groomed would be great.

A big thanks to the group that was in from Cardwell Lake that is going out today with chain saws to clean up on their way.

Nothing else is new or exciting so far today. More tomorrow unless there is big news. Don't hold your breath.

Think Snowy Thoughts

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