Monday, December 15, 2008

It's a sad day in Hooterville

Things are not pretty at the diner today. I am not having a good day. It rained most of the night so the driveways are an icy mess. So this means that the roof is leaking again!!!, the diner sign snapped and fall over in the high winds and then a very big hemlock 2 x 4 came down and hit me square on the head. So needless to say I've had better days.

The storm seems to be over and the temperate is dropping. The winds have broken branches all over the place. A number of people are out of hydro (I dogged a bullet there). It's a good thing we have as much snow as we do. This would have been a disaster otherwise.

We still have lots of snow. No grooming for a day or two probably. More snow is expected Wednesday, just in time for the weekend.

I will update again by Wednesday but I don't think much will happen tomorrow.

Well my handful of drugs is just about wearing off so I'll end now.


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