Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday and all's well--sort of.

The rain stopped last night and the temperature dropped to a comfortable -10. Not bad. Everything is freezing up nicely. A few flurries today, just enough to cover the ice in the driveway so that you can't see it.

Two sets of riders in today said the trails were still good. They did have to move a fair number of branches off the trail.

Jim and the boys from Mckenzie Lake at least had a saw with them to make things easier. They wanted me to let the little hottie JR know that they were having a great time and they were sorry that work had to interfere with you play time. Maybe next year.

It's been cloudy all day and looks like it may snow tonight. If it does I'll post tomorrow.

As if yesterday wasn't bad enough the guy that dug the remains of the broken sign out of the ground hit a buried telephone cable. Now the guy at the store among others is without phone service and someone (probably me) has to pay for the repair. They sent the big bell repair truck so I can only imagine that means a big bill. Should I be concerned that a second truck showed up?

Well I don't know about any grooming. The rain helped pack the snow on the trails though. So as soon as I hear something I'll get back on.

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