Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tis The Season-for grooming that is!!!!

The good news is there is snow, the bad news is there is snow!

On my way home yesterday I noticed that you could start riding at about the Lighthouse Resturant on Hwy 62. It looked like there was good coverage all the way up to the hub (that's for Brian & Jim) in Lake St. Peter.

It is snowing now and everything looks sooooo pretty. We haven't had the driveway plowed since Monday but if our "chance of flurries" keep coming down like they are we may be plowed by tomorrow.

When I figure out how I will post pictures from my new camera. The snow is up to the top of the official picnic table snow meter. So that is an accumulation of nearly two feet.

The rail bed has been groomed but I don't know how far south they went. I noticed they crossed the highway and into the bush just south of the village at Helmers Road. When I talk to one of the groomers I'll update again with more info.

It looks like we are getting a good start to the season.. The shore of the lake is still frozen so the temperature is not dropping enough for a melt down.

Ooops I must be taking to long doing this the snow has stopped and the sun is out. I'm sure that if I wait ten minutes it will change again.

We are still doing the music thing on Saturday afternoons. So if you are in the area sled on in have a drink and relax for a while.

Again if you want to be missinformed in person call the diner at 613-338-3043 and we will lead you astray as best we can. White Pines and Silver Birches are both open for accommodation this winter.

Get all your shopping done during the week so that you can come up and play on the weekend.

I'll update again as soon as someone sleds in here and gives me the downlow first hand.


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