Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday update

The chance of flurries just keep on falling. Off and on all day it has snowed lightly.

The groomers have been out all afternoon and are still out now. Before today they had groomed to Whitney, Bancroft and Martins Mill. No secondary trails had been done yet but then they haven't been used much.

Riders in today were very pleased with the condition of the trails except for the nasty bit between Maynooth and LSP. The whining has started all ready. Why on earth didn't the powers that be grade that part of the trail before all the snow hit.

I think that everyone that gets jostled down the trail should call the pres and ask why it wasn't graded. Nothing like stiring the pot right off the start. I just thought I would be the first to complain before everyone complained to me.

That being said, any riding you get in before the middle of December is a gift from the snowmobile gods and will be appreciated. It sure was by the folks in today.

I hope that you can load up and get a ride in soon. The weather has been perfect.

See you soon. I'll keep you posted.

Keep the skis on the snow!

PS The diner will be closed Dec 24 & 25, reopening at noon on the 26th.

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Anonymous said...

Nancy I just discovered your blogs and am thoroughly enjoying catching up on the old news and look foward to the new. Keep it coming..