Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday & Snowing in Lake St. Peter

It was nice to see so many sleds out on Saturday. The riding was great and the stories of woe have already started.

Let me tell you of the tale of Richard. Now Richard is old enough to know better but some mistakes are just too much fun to only make once. Shortly after unloading at the Bancroft Motor Inn the boys started on their great adventure. He hadn't even had his sled warmed up yet for the first ride of the year when they came upon the OPP. The were out in full force yesterday, that's what happens when there is no snow anywhere else. The result of this meeting was a speeding ticket for $110.00. They had quite a few pulled over at the time because three tables in the diner at the same time had all been stopped. Shortly after the ticket incident Richard couldn't tell the difference between powder and packed snow and rolled his sled while playing on a hill. This resulted in a wrecked windshield. Well on to the diner for a delicious lunch and then off to the wilds of Whitney, only to run into another pair of OPP officers with radar guns and a second speeding ticket for $110.00.

To say the least he was a bit wound up when he arrived back at the diner on the way back to the motel. He felt better when I explained that if he amortized his two tickets over the 25 years that he has been riding ticket less it didn't work out to very much per year.

Well that was our excitement for the day.

To continue the grooming still continues every day even on the weekend. The trails are in great shape. It is snowing again today and I had to have the parking lot plowed again. The official now measuring sign has now disappeared under the snow.

The warmer temps are bringing the lake water up through the snow showing that the waterways are no where near traveling on. The local weather report is a little confusing. It's going to rain, no it's going to be cold, no it's going to snow. It all gives me a headache. I will just wait and see what Monday brings. It there is rain I'll post. If nothing changes or there is no more excitment I may not post until Tuesday.

Well safe drive home for those up for the weekend and you missed a great one if you didn't make it up.


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thanks nancy keep updateing us we appreciate it . hope to be up on the weekend hope to see you then