Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Tails

Well now that all the festivities are over, the big dinner is over thankfully all the wine is gone it's time to get back to some real sledding.

We had a great Christmas, my son, daughter in law and grandson from Nevada came. My poor daughter-in-law went to visit her family in Halifax first. She was staying at the Hilton during that severe storm just before Christmas. There was a flood, fire alarms, no hydro, running water or heat and she still had to pay $150.00 for her hotel room. She was stranded at the airport for over 12 hours, her 10:00 pm flight to Montreal left at midnight. Her 6:00 am flight from Montreal to Toronto left on time unfortunately none of her bags left Montreal. All this with an 17 month old baby on a special diet. Have you ever tried to find rice milk at an airport in the middle of the night? I'm glad they arrived safe and sound even without clothes and presents. Air Canada lends out car seats when they lose yours. Not good ones but better than nothing.

This explains why all the wine is gone.

One of my cooks wasn't having company for Christmas Dinner so they went sledding all day. They had a great time. The trails are in great shape, there were no people out and the weather was perfect.

I talked to some riders in today that came from Haliburton. They claim that they have never seen the trails so good. Grooming is continuing. We had some snow this morning, just a few centimeters. If we get any bad weather I will update tomorrow.

I saw one sled cross Lake St. Peter on the 24th, but none since then. The ice is fairly thick but so is the snow. I wouldn't recommend it yet but I'll let you know as soon as I hear something.

That's all for today.

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