Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow news is good news

It looks like it's snowing everywhere with a vengeance. What a great day here. Mild temperatures, lightly snowing and great trails. It is neat to see the kids in today that had a snow day and also the ones that had finished their exams and got a bonus ride.

The snow today will be a nice addition to what we have and will make grooming even better.

Please remember when you are riding if you stop keep to the right of the trail. Should people still have to be reminded about this!

Steve from Bancroft was riding Saturday and came up over a knoll with six people behind him, and there on the trail were three sleds, three abreast having a great chat like they were the only ones out that day. He had to do some pretty fancy footwork to avoid a collision. When they realised what bone heads they were they took off pretty quickly. Probably a good thing. He was pretty wound up when he arrived at the diner still thinking of what the outcome could have been.

Well Steve I hope that you are going to Mexico with Blair and Rob etc for the wedding and then all will be better when you get back. Have a tequila popper for me.

Hope you get out for a great ride this weekend.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting read about Steves experience. As I could not join them in Mexico, will have to wait until I see him next to hear about it in person!
Will tell him I already read about it on your blog.
Good thing those people took off in a hurry!
Cheers - Joe