Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to Reality

Well I guess most folks have headed home and back to the real world.

You no sooner left the north country and it started to snow. Just a few inches today but we are to get snow for the next three days.

I was told that a groomer even went out today. Go figure. I don't know where it went but its good to know that they are heading out again.

When I hear more I'll spread the joy.

Not much has changed since last week. It was nice to see the Pensylvania group back again for another sledding season. Now I know who it was checking the blog from there.

Now I haven't had a good rant for a while so here goes.

All bankers must live in happyland where the sun is a different colour and rainbows shine every day.

My banking person called recently to tell me that I am putting too much cash in the bank. In that case why do I get overdrawn. I should be doing more electronic banking it would seem, VISA, Master Card and debit. She suggested that I offer cash back to all customers. Well if you wanted cash back I'm sure you would ask. Apparently depositing cash is risky. For who I asked, only me if I get hit on the head going to the bank. Your a bank for crying out loud how can cash be risky. The bottom line is that cash is labour intensive and they would rather not have to pay the tellers to deal with it.

She also suggested that I pay more of my suppliers in cash doing payouts from the till. They have probably had the same speech as me so I don't know how that would work.

Well today I took my spittey self to the bank with my cash deposit and wad of money doing a payout from the till to pay my VISA bill in cash. They will dam well count my money one way or the other! I'm sure this will come back to bite me because whenever you deal with a bank the only thing to say is BOHICA!!!!!

B bend
O over
H here
I it
C comes
A again

I feel better now, so I should get back to work. It's not busy today but there is always stuff to do.

Here's hoping that you can make it up on the weekend when the trails should be in great shape. I'll update again Wednesday as I will be out most of Tuesday.


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Dave said...

You should pay your employees in cash, I bet they would LOVE that