Thursday, January 08, 2009

Are you still shoveling?

It has stopped snowing for a while. It looks like it will start again any time but at least it is giving the plow guys a chance to clean out the driveways.

Being the sport I am I walked into work again today (the car should be ready today). It was a little harder coming down the tracks today because the snow was deeper. But in keeping with my extremely good luck I met the groomer heading north just as I was about to cross the road at the restaurant. He couldn't have come along 15 minutes earlier. OH NO.

The groups that were in yesterday said that the trails were in good shape. One group had come up from south of the Boulter area. The group from Bancroft said that the trail to town had just been groomed and was in great shape.

So that is all that's new in the sledding department. If nothing changes overnight I may not post on Friday. There would be nothing new to add and my witty banter may be getting on your nerves.

Hope we see you this weekend.

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