Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Wednesday and all's well.

What a great day for sledding yesterday. It was sunny, cold and all trails are in great shape.

There were a lot more people around yesterday than Monday taking advantage of the great conditions.

It is snowing today and will be again Thursday and Friday making the trails even better. The road crossings are much better now that there has been some snow almost every day.

Grooming is still being done every day at least on some trails. It should be well groomed for the weekend.

Other than my forgetting it was my turn to open up again this morning things are pretty quiet. There hasn't been any new gossip or exciting happenings for a while. It seems that even the OPP have moved on to parts unknown. It must be because there is more snow down south so they don't have to come this far.

Come on people lets create some excitement this weekend. I need something to write about!!
I hope you can make it up for what should be a great weekend of sledding this weekend.

See you soon

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