Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

It sounds like 6 cms of snow hit Toronto. BT had to broadcast 1/2 earlier today to show everyone how to get to work. Isn't this a little over reacting?

6 cms of snow isn't enough to make me put my boots on yet.

But snowing it is.

Although the first few days of 2009 were busy they were quite uneventful in a good way. Things did change yesterday. On my way home from Bancroft yesterday my VERY reliable little Toyota Rav 4 quit on the highway. I was just barely made it to Maynooth.

So what does any red blooded Canadian girl do when her car breaks down. Call CAA for a tow back to town, head to the general store in Maynooth, get Carla pick up another friend and head out on a road trip to Barry's Bay for lunch. Getting home home in time for dinner worked out well. Waking up this morning about 7:00 I realized that I open the restaurant one day a week. It is not usually Thursday or Friday, and I didn't do it Monday or Tuesday, soooooo it must be today. When I called the restaurant to see if it was opened I didn't answer the phone. OOPS Thankfully Charlie jumped in his truck and came over to put on coffee for the coffee boys. We usually get here about 6:30 to open for 7:00 but alas not today. Of course, not having my car I then had to get my daily exercise by walking to work. The dog loved it and I have first hand knowledge that the rail bed is in great shape.

I think that I need an attendant or maybe a co-op student. I'm pretty sure that the village called yesterday and they were looking for their idiot! It may have been me.

Well that's my touching story now on to the real stuff.

We have had enough snow over the last two days to cover the trails nicely. It is snowing again today and it looks like we may get a fair dumping. The roads are all plowed but snow covered so this is making the road crossings a lot better than they were over the weekend.

The groomers started out again on Monday and did to Whitney, Madawaska and Martins Mill. I don't know where they went Tuesday but they were out again.

A few have crossed Lake St. Peter and Baptiste Lake I'm hearing both good and bad so by the end of the week I will have more news on that. Neither lake is staked yet so you would have to look for tracks before you make your decision.

It looks like we are getting back to the same point in snow that we were before Christmas.

I will get back again tomorrow with an update after today's activities.


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