Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Tuesday and all's well

Life is good. I finally got my car back after a week. And I didn't even get a bill with it. I'm sure that will arrive today. Life isn't that good!!!

It's snowing again. We had a bit overnight and it started again this morning. It will probably snow for most of the day and again tomorrow.

The trails are in good shape. No word on where they groomed last night and everybody in yesterday was pleased with the conditions.

So there it is. Snow, snow, snow=sledding.

Harry from Port Perry. Your friends were in yesterday and wanted me to tell you that they were having a great time. Sorry you couldn't be here with them. They wanted me to ask if there was a new lady in your life and she wouldn't let you come out to play or if you really did have to work. Do tell.

See you on the weekend.


Lisa said...

I dont know what you are wining about I never know how I was going to get home. Than I was stuck with a van for the weekend

Kris said...

I called Harry from Port Perry last Sunday after I saw the comment. I told him that the girls up in LSP thought he was MIA :-))